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(Step 1.  Understanding you are being led to the grave)

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it would be, we live in a world where each of us face a destination of being lowered down in some cold empty grave, with our name on it.  Everything in this world as we know it, is finite with an end up ahead. We all grow up with the same vision, school where we learn what we are told to learn, a home life where we learn what our parents teach us and from there at a certain age, we step out into the world.  There we are all subject to the rules of the world system, depending where we live and influenced by those who are in authority or the rulers of our nation we are part of.

IN this world, God is not a priority of knowledge made available or topic of satan as to being the ruler of this world.  These topics are called a right of belief or religion more treated as some privilege as a gift to the people, so it doesn't make the list of importance in our society and government.  This also is subject to the country depending which one you may live in.  Not all countries give this right, freely. In fact, our religious belief is used as a weapon against us to manipulate fear, to stop any assembly from merging together and grow in numbers for power use.

This is why most people say, this is hell on earth.  We learn to serve self that leads to failure at the end of our journey.  From this the world will live in a depressed and a broken state of low morals internally. This world does not offer anything at all, that God has to offer us. It offers your dreams come true and just about anything you desire to possess, if you go after it.  The world paints a beautiful picture with promises we like looking at.  This is the temptation of the devil behind the scenes.  The sad part is, we can't see the forest through the trees.  Everything in the world, is built on lies and deception.  It is all temporary and will not last.  But this doesn't stop us. We think we have time to work it all out in the youth of our years.  It's like jumping in the water head first, not knowing the water is filled with sharks awaiting their dinner.  People, we have to stop living this way and make a change.  This world is temporary, like satan and only leads to death. 

Listen to me:  God always makes a way out.  1Corinthans 10:13  THERE HATH NO TEMPTATION TAKEN YOU BUT SUCH AS IS COMMON TO MAN; BUT GOD IS FAITHFUL, WHO WILL NOT SUFFER YOU TO BE TEMPTED ABOVE THAT YE ARE ABLE; BUT WILL WITH THE TEMPTATION ALSO MAKE A WAY TO ESCAPE, THAT YE MAY BE ABLE TO BEAR IT.  See here God is telling us if we trust Him, He will never leave us.  Also He will show you the way out of the snares of the devil, when he comes.  So people.  WE MUST ALL START SOMEWHERE, if we are to change our destination of the grave that the world has awaiting us all.

To do this we will have to raise our standards.  And change our priorities in our lives.  God tells us the way out and how to live in this world.  1 John 2:15  LOVE NOT THE WORLD, NEITHER THE THINGS THAT ARE IN THE WORLD.  IF ANY MAN LOVE THE WORLD, THE LOVE OF THE FATHER IS NOT IN HIM.

(Step 2.  Changing your destination)

You must make a serious choice here.  You need to be in the world, but not be of the world.  What does this mean?  This means stop doing things the way the world does and leads us to take part in.  The world is already set up with rules to engage in, to follow and have an eventful and success life, if you so desire.  The problem with this is, you give up your salvation and any chance to spend eternally with God.  This is why satan so easily takes people down the road of separation from God, destination death.  satan offers everything in this world to anyone willing to grab for it.  The picture is usually beautiful, appealing to the eye, smell, taste, all of the 5 senses of our flesh.  God on the other hand, tells you what it is like with Him, but we as people can not see words of promises from God, so we go for what the flesh wants instead.  God tells us this world belongs to the enemy.  Therefore, everything in and of this world, must be a sin against God.  We have to accept this as true in order to say NO, to the world.  It's the only way.     This is the message John the Baptist was preaching.     Matthew 3:1-2  IN THOSE DAYS CAME JOHN THE BAPTIST, PREACHING IN THE WILDERNESS OF JUDAEA.  AND SAYING, REPENT YE: FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND.  We take it for granted, that the Word of God is just for those in church, but it's not.  This message is for anyone willing to listen and apply it in their lives.  SO BELIEVERS AND UN-BELIEVERS.  This is for you.  WE must all REPENT.  This word is not some religious word, it has a meaning. We must stop doing what we are doing if we are sinning against God.  It means, correct your ways.  LISTEN TO ME:  You can't look up towards heaven and say, Lord forgive me my sins and walk away, feeling like you have just wiped the slate clean.  You are deceived in thinking so.  You must mean it in your heart and find confirmation, in your actions falling into play. Stopping that wrong.  Your sin against God. This is what God is talking about, when He says, work out your own salvation. Look in Philippians 2:12  WHEREFORE, MY BELOVED, AS YE HAVE ALWAYS OBEYED, NOT AS IN MY PRESENCE ONLY, BUT NOW MUCH MORE IN MY ABSENCE, WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION WITH FEAR AND TEEMBLING.  This is Paul here speaking to us.  A message for all time.  It would be wise to get a repentance heart, even before accepting Christ into your heart.  I have seen numerous people over the years accepting Jesus, then being left alone and falling flat on their face. When John preached, the first act for us to take, was REPENT. An action taken by a heart filled choice. To make a change in the our destination from death, to life eternal.  Before any other commitment could be made.  Come join me, all of you, change your destination from death to life eternal. I love you all very much, His good servant, pastor tom!!!

(Step 3.  Accepting Jesus, the Christ as Lord of your life)

Once we change our destination, our priorities change also.  The way we think is different. We now understand life is not temporary, but eternal. This means death is also eternal.  So it's a good and sound choice to want what God has to offer us.  Even if we can't see His promises. By REPENTING, it becomes more clear that the hope that what God has to offer, becomes a possibility within our reach.  This is what God is trying to get through to us, when He says in:  John 20:29  JESUS SAITH UNTO HIM, THOMAS, BECAUSE THOU HAST SEEN ME, THOU HAST BELIEVED; BLESSED ARE THY THAT HAVE NOT SEEN, AND YET HAVE BELIEVED. As the disciples were walking about with Jesus, they knew not yet about Repentance. They were still in the learning stage with Him. This is why Repenting is so important to us. IT teaches us to act out our actions in our heart. Therefore making our decision more powerful when we all make the choice to accept JESUS into our lives and be Lord over everything. WE want to have a pure heart, so when we yield to God, He will desire our fellowship.  Matthew 5:8  BLESSED ARE THE PURE IN HEART, FOR THEY SHALL SEE GOD. And it takes a REPENTANCE HEART to be pure.  This way when you choose to receive JESUS, He knows you truly have a desire for Him.

LISTEN TO ME:  God wants us to be with Him eternal.  This is why He sent JESUS.  As a bridge over to the Father. JESUS IS THE WAY.  John 14:6  JESUS SAITH UNTO HIM, I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE; NO MAN COMETH UNTO THE FATHER, BUT BY ME.  So you see, we must receive JESUS in our life.  If we don't accept Him, then we have not changed our destination from death.  JESUS IS THE WAY, THE ONLY WAY, THE ONLY CHOICE TO MAKE.  So let's do this today. Choose JESUS! Now is always the time.  2 Corinthians 6:2  FOR HE SAITH, I HAVE HEARD THEE IN A TIME ACCEPTED, AND IN THE DAY OF SALVATION HAVE I SUCCOURED THEE; BEHOLD, NOW IS THE ACCEPTED TIME; BEHOLD, NOW IS THE DAY OF SALVATION.  So when we accept JESUS, SALVATION IS MADE AVAILABLE. Grab onto it with both hands like silver and gold. There is nothing in this world more precious. Let's look at the word SALVATION in the dictionary.  Meaning=DELIVERANCE FROM THE POWER AND EFFECTS OF SIN.  Do you understand, JESUS is the deliverance from your destination of death.  WOW, it doesn't get any better than that.  Amen and praise God!  Yes, we now have before us all. I know you have all heard this before.  This is a gift and it's free.  Yes that is true.  But what people fail to tell you is, you now step in battle, the battlefield between good and evil.  JUST AS JESUS DID, WHILE ON THIS EARTH.  Your decision to accept JESUS into your life, you not only change your destination from death to life, you are stating also, that you choose to follow His example. His example was in every situation was obedience to the Father.  John 5:19  THEN ANSWERED JESUS AND SAID UNTO THEM, VERILY, VERILY, I SAY UNTO YOU. THE SON CAN DO NOTHING OF HIMSELF, BUT WHAT HE SEETH THE FATHER DO; FOR WHAT THINGS SOEVER HE DOETH, THESE ALSO DOETH THE SON LIKEWISE.  The Father was His example to follow.  Since JESUS was sent for us, it only stands to reason, JESUS is our example to follow. This means as Jesus was, now also we are stepping into the battle of good and evil too. So we must get our heads out of the sand and start doing battle against the devil.  The devil is attacking you as we speak. The church for too long has been sweeping this under the carpet, with the help of satan in the pulpit, of course.  But now, we must make ready today and learn how and what is our part to play in God's plan. LISTEN TO ME, NOW!!!  The lesson begins with obedience of the Word of God. WE can not make any excuses at all, for not doing as the Word tells us to do.  It's the only way.  JESUS SENT BACK THE HOLY SPIRIT TO HELP US.  (This is the voice of God) And to hear it, we will have to start obeying the Word of God, making no concessions. This is the area where we begin of our growth process, not like all of those counterfeits you are told in church. And we will talk about this next, in the next step.  But for now, begin your journey of reading the Word daily and doing just as it says.  Do not add to it and do not take away from it. I love you all very much, bless you in your walk with Jesus. His good servant, pastor tom!!!

(Step 4.  Walking as Jesus! Our Example.)

Let's just jump right into the beginning of this step.  Luke 9:23  AND HE SAID TO THEM ALL, IF ANY MAN WILL COME AFTER ME, LET HIM DENY HIMSELF, AND TAKE UP HIS CROSS DAILY, AND FOLLOW ME.  We all know the story about Jesus, even if we haven't read the bible.  This flawless account of obedience was rewarded with the cost of His very life. It's no wonder people are fearful to even attempt emulating the life walk of Jesus. For us to be obedient to God, could possibly cost our life. This is why the Word says: John 15:13  GREATER LOVE HATH NO MAN THAN THIS, THAT A MAN LAY DOWN HIS LIFE FOR HIS FRIENDS.  This is a selfless act of giving or love for another. This is what God's love is like, all the time.  So we must all learn to walk in obedience like Jesus did.  This means satan, the devil will be working hard on you, to kill, steal and destroy you in every area of your life possible.  Remember, I mentioned the battle field. Well, it is on, between you and the demons of this world. You might loose your friend, your spouse, your children, your job, your home and everything in this world that is offered to you.  And yes, it may even cost you your life.  Just as it did Jesus.  So if we want to do and hear from God, or the Holy Spirit, then we will have to submit. This means putting an end to the flesh, by removing our will out of the picture.

LISTEN TO ME:  There is no other way, than allowing the will of the Father to rule over your own will. God is Spirit and we are Spirit and flesh at the moment. Our flesh will rule over our will every time until we learn to become one with God in the same Spirit. Once we become one in the same spirit, then we can be subject to God, the Holy Spirit and become a follower like Jesus, walking in obedience.  This takes practice, so do not give up. It will not happen over night. This would be what Paul is expressing to us when he says in, 2 Timothy 4:7  I HAVE FOUGHT A GOOD FIGHT, I HAVE FINISHED MY COURSE, I HAVE KEPT THE FAITH. He was faced with many hardships, but he did not allow his flesh to rule over him. He learned this through revelation from his conversion. He knew by walking in  obedience, God would be with him. No matter what circumstance he would have to endure. So he made a choice to obey, yield his spirit to God and be content in knowing God would never leave him. Paul made this all clear in Philippians 4:11  NOT THAT I SPEAK IN RESPECT OF WANT: FOR I HAVE LEARNED, IN WHATSOEVER STATE I AM, THERE WITH TO BE CONTENT. Paul is talking now, about his position in Christ. We will talk more on this later. Yes he was fully aware of having a position in Christ. That he knows what he knows about the Gospel as the truth for all things and has the authority over that is in the world.  Until we all come to understand this and live as Paul, being content in all things, we will fall back into the snare of the devil every time. Giving in to the flesh.  Now we have it, the basic knowledge of the example we are to follow. If we fail here, we will continue in sin, the trap of the devil, just as so many are doing this present day we now live in, within the church walls world wide. So now we stand at the cross roads of going forward choosing life, or we can fall back in the same old trap we all make excuses for our falling. The choice is yours. Why not move forward. REPENT, OBEY GOD AND PICK UP YOUR CROSS DAILY AND FOLLOW JESUS. Why not start today, I do each and every day God gives me.  I love you all.  AND DO NOT EVER FORGET, IT COST EVERYTHING TO FOLLOW JESUS.  His good servant, pastor tom!!! 

(Step 5.  Walking in the Light)

As you begin your real journey of growth, (reuniting with God), you step into a entirely different realm.  People in the church talk about this as if you have climbed higher or you are somebody in the sight of God. This is only people being puffed up by their own self glorification. I LIKE TO SAY, WE ALL THINK MORE HIGHLY OF OURSELVES, THAN WE OUGHT TO.  1 Corinthians 13  IS ALL ABOUT THIS, PLEASE READ IT OVER AND OVER AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN.  Also let us read this one.  1 Corinthians 3:18  LET NO MAN DECEIVE HIMSELF. IF ANY MAN AMONG YOU SEEMETH TO BE WISE IN THIS WORLD, LET HIM BECOME A FOOL, THAT HE MAY BE WISE.  This is where it really gets exciting and at times we may not like WALKING IN THE LIGHT. When we truly Repent, when we truly start Obeying God and when we truly Take Up Our Cross and Follow Jesus, everything becomes different. You have heard people talk about Spiritual Eyes. Well, we know we are Walking In The Light when everything we see, comes to light.  All darkness and the devils' work is exposed to you. You see the schemes of the enemy working. You see when satan is using people, even as they have no idea what is going on at the time. You know when people are lying. Nothing is hidden. People experience this all the time and you hear about this, but they aren't aware of what they are taking part in at the time.  It's been called, hearing from God, or insight, or visions or many other things, I am sure. It's none of the about but yet part of all.  Just lack of knowledge and understanding. Jesus walked around in the light, where ever He went. He knew it too. There are many accounts of Jesus, Walking in The Light, but lets just look at one so that you will understand and not be ignorant.  Matthew 12:22-29  THEN WAS BROUGHT UNTO HIM ONE POSSESSED WITH A DEVIL, BLIND, AND DUMB; AND HE HEALED HIM, INSOMUCH THAT THE BLIND AND DUMB BOTH SPAKE AND SAW. AND ALL THE PEOPLE WERE AMAZED, AND SAID, IS NOT THIS THE SON OF DAVID? BUT WHEN THE PHARISEES HEARD IT, THEY SAID, THIS FELLOW DOTH NOT CAST OUT DEVILS, BUT BY BEELZEBUB THE PRINCE OF THE DEVILS. AND JESUS KNEW THEIR THOUGHTS, AND SAID UNTO THEM, EVERY KINGDOM DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF IS BROUGHT TO DESOLATION; AND EVERY CITY OR HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF SHALL NOT STAND; AND IF SATAN CAST OUT SATAN, HE IS DIVIDED AGAINST HIMSELF; HOW SHALL THEN HIS KINGDOM STAND? AND IF I BY BEELZEBUB CAST OUT DEVILS, BY WHOM DO YOUR CHILDREN CAST THEM UT? THEREFORE THEY SHALL BE YOUR JUDGES. BUT IF I CAST OUT DEVILS BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD, THEN THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS COME UNTO YOU. OR ELSE HOW CAN ONE ENTER INTO A STRONG MAN'S HOUSE, AND SPOIL HIS GOODS, EXCEPT HE FIRST BIND THE STRONG MAN? AND THEN HE WILL SPOIL HIS HOUSE.  Do you see where it says, AND JESUS KNEW THEIR THOUGHTS. The devil was using the Pharisees, (church people in those days). Because there was a crowd, the devil wanted to trick Jesus, entrap Him, where Jesus might look foolish in the eyes of the people watching. But because Jesus was Walking In The Light, as I am telling you, all darkness came to light. So Jesus knew the right response, answered, therefore exposing the trick of the devil.

LISTEN TO ME:  God has a plan. And it has been on going since the beginning as we know it. And if we are to see this plan, we will first need to be able to see as God sees. This is the purpose for Walking In The Light. All darkness is exposed so that we can see the evil works being done against us. This is how we can make better choices and be obedient to God. We want to avoid the snares of the devil. Isn't this what the Word of God tells us to do, to avoid the snares of the devil. This is why it's so important to remove yourself and not be of the world and it's system. It's filled with snares of the devil. To keep you walking in darkness. And not in the light.

There is a purpose and plan(Walking in the Light coming soon, be patient)

Come back soon after the Spirit shows me how to make this clear, see you soon, waiting on God. 





Be patient, coming soon as the spirit leads me, pastor tom!!!

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R E P E N T .............TO THE WHOLE WORLD!

LISTEN TO ME:    We must REPENT.  Everyone of us and worldwide.  Deception is in the church and allowing people to be led astray.  Repent, is much more than telling someone, I am sorry.  GOD TELLS US TO REPENT all through the scriptures.  But we just do not do it.  Most times, they are just words flowing out of our mouth.  A quick fix of the ego of someone we may have offended.  REPENT is a word of many acts.  Repent on one hand can be, MAKING A NOTION, that one is going to step up and admit that he or she is accountable for doing or saying something wrong to another.  We call this saying, I'm sorry.  This is a bridge builder, a restoration of a broken trust with someone.  Sometimes this works and sometime this doesn't work.  It depends on the offense.  Or the person you have wronged.  They may have a forgiving heart or not.  We never know for sure.  We take it for granted that it worked.  Repent can be, USED AS A LIE, to restore a relationship after being caught in an act of wrong.  Or also, Repent can be, USED AS A COVERUP, for someone to open a door that will be used to manipulate and gain one's personal interest.  Repent can be, USED FOR OPEN CONEFFION, in a church or group as a convincing statement, that a person has changed for the purpose of gaining acceptance back into a group. 


WHEN WE REPENT, WE ARE TO REPENT TO GOD, NOT THE CHURCH OR BODY OF BELIEVERS.  Let's see what God has to say about REPENT and how important it is to REPENT.

Mark 1:15  AND SAYING, THE TIME IS FULFILLED, AND THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND; REPENT YE, AND BELIEVE THE GODPEL.  Here God is telling us, that unless we repent, we will not enter into the Kingdom of God.  This is real serious, people.  He is also telling us, time is running out.  He is telling us to REPENT with the same strength as if it's a command from Him.

Luke 13:3  I TELL YOU, NAY: BUT, EXCEPT YE REPENT, YE SHALL ALL LIKEWISE PERISH.  I am sorry to say this, but here, God is talking like it will be His Promise.  If we do not REPENT, not only we will not enter His Kingdom, but also, we are going to perish and into eternal death of hell (forever).

Acts 2:38  THEN PETER SAID UNTO THEM, REPENT, AND BE BAPTIZED EVERY ONE OF YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST FOR THE REMISSION OF SINS. AND YE SHALL RECEIVE THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST.  Here God is explaining to us all, the way into His Kingdom.  But in order to get there, we will and must REPENT.  Without repentance, true repentance, even baptism will be false in His Eyes.  God searches the heart and knows if you have truly repented or not.  If so, you can receive the Holy Ghost.  But if a lie, you will not receive and be able to enter into the Kingdom of God.  And again, your consequences will be to perish.

Acts 17:30  AND THE TIMES OF THIS IGNORANCE GOD WINKED AT; BUT NOW COMMNDETH ALL MEN EVERY WHERE TO REPENT:  There are no exceptions or excuses for any of us.  We must all REPENT.  And now, we do not know the day of Judgment.  And it would be foolish to wait, even a moments time.  Or we will perish.

Acts 26:20  BUT SHEWED FIRST UNTO THEM OF DAMASCUS, AND AT JERUSALEM, AND THROUGHOUT ALL THE COAST OF JUDAEA, AND THEN TO THE GENTILES, THAT THEY SHOULD REPENT AND TURN TO GOD, AND DO WORKS MEET FOR REPENTANCE.  Finally, God is saying here, when you REPENT, He is watching, seeing all of our hearts.  And your actions must (MUST) show you REPENT.  If you REPENT, this should be so apparent, that not only God will see it, BUT ALSO THOSE AROUNE YOU WILL SEE YOU HAVE REPENTED TOO.

LISTEN TO ME:  I do not know if you truly have repented or not.  Or if those around you see that you have.  WE can fool each other on any given day.  You or I have nothing to prove to anyone.  This isn't about this at all.  This is all about our being accountable in the sight of God.  I can't save you and you can't save me. BUT, I TELL YOU THE TRUTH.  In this area, you or we have the power in our hands here or our own choice of life or death.


REPENT:  WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME.  Go now and pass it along to the whole world.  This means to stop doing that which you have REPENTED for to God, and MEAN IT, NEVER DO THAT SIN, AGAIN.  I love you all very much.  His good servant, pastor tom!!!

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Our Christian Walk, in the Spirit and in Truth!

We as Christians need to raise our standards and take a stand in God's eyes. For too long the church has been following man and the rules governed by the world. One leg on God's side and one leg on the world's side. It's time to change that and world wide.    


Here are 4 points to follow in order, that will get you on the right path to fellowship with God.

1.  We know God is a God of order.         2.  We know we are to please God.       3.  We know God is all truth.     4.  And we know God does everything out of love.          

Here is structure for all of us to follow that will help us to have a Christian Walk, one that God will have favor with.


1.     WE KNOW GOD IS A GOD OF ORDER.  To have any order at all, we must have a plan.  I would have to say the first order of business would be for us to (make a choice) choose now, who we want to serve.  Yes we all have a choice in this matter.  And to not start out with making that choice would be our first mistake in life.  So choose.

YOU CAN  CHOOSE TO SERVE GOD:  If you choose to serve God, let's get one thing perfectly clear.  We will have to do (everything) His way.  A priority in our life should be, pick up your Bible now, (today).  Please, to not make any excuse why not to do this. Then, start at the beginning and read all the way through it.  Do not skip around, like most churches will tell you the way to read it.  Read it in the order it is written.  (Remember, order?) When you start, pray and ask God to help you, send the Holy Spirit to guide you to understand and know God better as you read His Story.  He will, if you ask Him to.  While you are reading, as the Word passes through your spirit, it will convict you.  Repent as often as you need to.  I mean confess your guilt to Him then stop doing that sin.  Now we are talking about obedience.  This is all going to take practice every day.  The more you do what is right, the quicker you will turn from your sin and remove that gap (separation) between You and God.  This is how God's Word works.  It is the very power of God and it will set your free.  Make sure you continue to read it each day, not allowing anything to prevent you from keeping in order with your time for God.  As the days pass, if you do not stop (THIS IS OBEDIENCE), you will begin to find some joy in your life.  What you are doing is, feeding your heart and spirit with the goodness of God.  Our hearts are wicked, the bible tells us this.  But in time, God's Word will start a cleansing process and overcome the wicked that is in there.  The Word tells us also, the enemy must flee.  And it will.  As cleansing begins,  slowly you will stop doing all those wrong things you use to do and start doing things the way God would have you do.  This is why ORDER is so important.  God uses ORDER FOR GOOD and there isn't any room for evil at all.

Example:  There was order in the beginning and it continues on today in our present day we now live in.  We read this in:  Hebrews 13:8  JESUS CHRIST THE SAME YESTERDAY, TO DAY, AND FOR EVER.   Adam and Eve walked and talked in the garden with God and lacked nothing ever. There wasn't any real time as we know it.  They just obeyed God and did as He said.  With out question. The consequences for obedience, was and still is, TO BE IN THE VERY PRESENCE OF GOD, ENJOY FELLOWSHIP WITH HIM AND WALKING IN THE WILL OF GOD.  They were in perfect peace and joy, content in all things. Nothing at all like the way we feel or experience today in the flesh.  They were there only to please God and do it willingly with gladness and joy.  You would think this would be the desire on everyone's heart as a Christian today, but sad to say, this isn't the case.


YOU CAN CHOOSE TO SERVE satan:  If you choose to serve satan, then you won't have to make any changes.  This means, you are doing things your way, the way that suits your own flesh.  This is living in deception by satan.  Oh you may not think so, believe or not believe in God or satan, BUT THE TRUTH IS, GOD IS REAL AND satan IS REAL.  And you are serving one or the other with out fail.  But, by not choosing to serve God, you are in fact, CHOOSING TO SERVE satan.  Let's look at the best example in the Bible for choosing to serve satan and all that follows. 

GENESIS 3: 1-13  As you read this, you will see where Adam and Eve in the beginning was faced with making this very choice, which one they would serve.  The willingly choose to disobey God.  Their choice to not obey God, was in fact a real choice to obey satan and serve him.  And this is exactly what they did.  This was sin against God and created separated between God and themselves.  What ever we do in life, consequences follow without fail.  So let's look at those consequences that followed them in verses 7-13 as they were recorded.  AND THE EYES OF THEM BOTH WERE OPENED, AND THEY KNEW THAT THEY WERE NAKED; AND THEY SEWED FIG LEAVES TOGETHER, AND MADE THEMSELVES APRONS.  AND THEY HEARD THE VOICE OF THE LORD GOD WALKING IN THE GARDEN IN THE COOL OF THE DAY: AND ADAM AND HIS WIFE HID THEMSELVES FROM THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD GOD AMONGST THE TREES OF THE GARDEN.  AND THE LORD GOD CALLED UNTO ADAM, AND SAID UNTO HIM, WHERE ART THOU?  AND HE SAID, I HEARD THY VOICE IN THE GARDEN, AND I WAS AFRAID, BECAUSE I WAS NAKED; AND I HID MYSELF.  AND HE SAID, WHO TOLD THEE THAT THOU WAST NAKED?  HAST THOU EATEN OF THE TREE, WHEREOF I COMMANDED THEE THAT THOU SHOULDEST NOT EAT?  AND THE MAN SAID, THE WOMAN WHOM THOU GAVEST TO BE WITH ME, SHE GAVE ME OF THE TREE, AND I DID EAT.  AND THE LORD GOD SAID UNTO THE WOMAN, WHAT IS THIS THAT THOU HAST DONE?  AND THE WOMAN SAID, THE SERPENT BEGUILED ME, AND I DID EAT.

Now, it's pretty clear here, SEPARATION FROM GOD, has taken place HERE.  When this takes place, we become blind to sin and do it willingly and can't see the wrong in it, after we fall into it.  THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE SPIRIT OF PRIDE takes over as our defense against guilt and shame, so we begin to justify our actions.  I know you have heard this many times before.  They call it blame-shifting, casting the blame on the other person, therefore making us a slave and a servant of satan.  And blindness will lead us all to follow the enemy, following his ways like a lamb to slaughter, just like the scriptures tells us.  LISTEN TO ME:  Separation and deception are both, one and the same.  You can not remove one from the other.  They work hand in hand as the saying goes.  Like Paul tells us to be content in all things, likewise, we become content to our sin and follow satan, never seeing the destination he has in store for us all.  DESTINATION BONDAGE!  Leading only to death.   Later on I will show you a way out, but for now, let's keep the pace slow, so I do not loose anyone along the way.

Here it is now, our choice to make.  WE can choose to serve God (LIFE) or we can choose to serve satan, our enemy which is (DEATH).  We have learned that God is a God of order and only by obeying God, can we stay in that order. Everything that God has is waiting for all of us.  All we have to do is read all of His Word and obey how it instructs us or we can choose to disobey God, become separated and down that path the enemy has awaiting you at any giving moment.  A world with out order, only confusion and death. 


Today, won't you choose LIFE?  I love you all very much.  His good servant, pastor tom!!!


In the beginning, God created everything.  You either believe this or you don't.  How you believe will effect the rest of your life.  Like I said, you must decide and make a choice which master you are going to serve.  This in it's self is taking on an act of belief.  But believing takes more than just saying you believe.  This is followed up by your own personal testimony of life. 

Your testimony in life is a pattern that you develop based on what you are choosing to believe.  This means, you have decided to put into play the action to follow what you have chosen to believe.  We must all be careful here in this area.  Once we start down this journey of our belief into action, consequences will be sure to follow.  They will be good or bad.  When in deception, the consequences can appear to be good to us.  When in sin, our we use our 5 senses as a barometer to decide if we like the consequence. Often, we are deceived, the flesh will lie, so the results are we will accept that belief as a good decision and add more wrong choices on our reasoning ability, only to cause more sin in our lives.  But we begin to believe our own truth as the truth and move on, thinking nothing to be wrong.  This is how powerful deception is, we can not see the lie.  And strike back when someone questions our actions. This stands to reason why even two people fall into conflict with one another. Each having a different truth in their own eyes.  The fact is, we are pleasing ourselves and not God. This is the works of the devil and no matter how many times I say this, no one will believe it, because of living in deception. And when we live in deception, WE CAN NOT SEE THE TRUTH.  (The truth and only the truth, can set us free, THE WORD OF GOD) 

1 JOHN 1:8  IF WE SAY THAT WE HAVE NO SIN, WE DECEIVE OURSELVES, AND THE TRUTH IS NOT IN US.  All because of pleasing ourselves and not God, even in the church worldwide, we are not pleasing God. The scriptures are twisted to overlook this (motive) in our hearts, so outward it has no importance in our lives.  Now let us read the next verse, this is so very important.  1 JOHN 1:8 IF WE CONFESS OUR SINS, HE IS FAITHFUL AND JUST TO FORGIVE US OUR SINS, AND TO CLEANSE US FROM ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS.  Do you notice the word (If) here. Life and death hinges on this word, making these few scriptures, all the difference in your life, in determining which master in life you will choose to serve.  God or satan. You need to understand right now, ONCE YOU DECICE TO SERVE GOD IN YOUR LIFE, YOU STEP INTO A SPIRITUAL BATTLEFIELD, ONE YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE.  The devil, (satan) and all of his followers have a plan of attack on you waiting. You are easy prey and will fall every time unless you prepare for this battle. ONLY THE WORD OF GOD WILL DEFEND YOU AGIANST THE ENEMY. The best example would be JESUS in the desert. The devil came against Him and He quoted the Word of God and defeated the enemy here. Please read it:  MATTHEW 4:1-11.  ANOTHER THING IS VERY IMPORTANT HERE. The devil will flee, never does it say, satan is destroyed in your account. So remember, the devil will return for your destruction when the opportunity is at hand. EPHESIANS 6:10-18 Please read this to verify your instructions on standing firm and up against the enemy.

LISTEN TO ME:  We are here to please God.  It is foolish thinking, to get up this morning and say to yourself, God I am pleasing you today.  And let just the words of your mouth, be the testimony to God, that just because you have said these words outwardly, therefore, you have pleased Him.  We all must get up, off of our lazy scripture and start putting effort by actions behind what our mouth is saying.  Jesus is a perfect example of how to please God, our Father.  He did only what the Father told Him to do.  Only by obedience and applying the Word into our lives each and every day, can we please God.  This is the only way can we do things His way.  This is the Will of God.  We will have to stop making excuses and starting today.  Go to Him, as soon as your eyes open in the morning.  You will have to trust Him in everything.  Throw out all of your plans or agenda, then ask God what to do.  You will have to  BE STILL.  God doesn't trust you yet.  Because we lie all the time.  God has much higher standards than we do.   He makes this clear in the Word.   He says to us, MY WAYS ARE NOT YOUR WAYS.   DEUTERONOMY 8:6  THEREFORE THOU SHALT KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS OF THE LORD THY GOD, TO WALK IN HIS WAYS, AND TO FEAR HIM.  People, this is not an option here, this is God instructing us to do something, like a mother or father instructing their child to do something with expectations on that child doing as they were told.  People, once you choose to serve God, your desire or motive of you heart must take on a change.  As you fight in the battle, know it will take effort to please God.  A sacrifice, that it is going to cost (everything).  You must learn to have a repenting heart, knowing you will now do things God's way and not your own.  JUST AS JESUS DID.  Saying under the worst possible circumstance He would ever have to face, His death, He said;  NOT MY WILL, BY THY WILL BE DONE. Here Jesus put all of His trust in the Father, not allowing the circumstances to dictate His position of obedience to the Father.  You see, when we face these trials and we will, we must not rely or allow our reasoning ability to see our answer.  Going to the Word is our only escape from any trap of the devil.  When it comes to the Word of God, we must obey with blind FAITH.  Step out on the water as Peter did.  THIS IS HOW WE CAN PLEASE GOD.  And only,  IF WE TRULY WANT TO PLEASE GOD.  I love you all very much, His good servant, pastor tom!!!


By now, we see that we need to have some order in our lives to follow.  Order by God's standards and not of man. This will help us to have a pattern, not only in our daily life, but also in our behavior personally.  By watching our behavior we can see what our actions look like.  We can see if we are doing right or wrong.  If we are honest to ourselves and not lie, we know if it is right in God's eyes.  This is how we can all examine ourselves and the motives of our heart.  In the Word, we are instructed to do this by God.  But so very few take time in doing this at all.  The excuse is always the same, I don't have time.  This is a lie.  Look in 2 CORINTHIANS 13:5  EXAMINE YOURSELVES WHETHER YE BE IN THE FAITH, PROVE YOUR OWN SELVES, KNOW YE NOT YOUR OWN SELVES, HOW THAT JESUS CHRIST IS IN YOU, EXCEPT YE BE REPROBATES?  Keeping order in your life by God's standards, you can get a clear picture, (examine yourself), if you have been obeying God or not.  You must always remember, the enemy has not left the battle field.  He will flee, when you take a stand, but he will return, again and again.  This is why we must be on guard at all times.  No matter what your circumstances may be, good or bad.  Please read EPHESIANS 6 again, all of it.  As you examine your day, you know if you have sinned against God or not.  The problem we face in church in our present day, is we lie to ourselves.   We lie to one another and we lie to those who are watching, all the time.  GOD IS ALL TRUTH.  THERE IS NO LIE FOUND IN HIM.  Jesus followed the same example, He did not lie ever, no matter the circumstances facing Him.  THIS MEANS WE MUST TEACH OURSELVES TO DO THE SAME.  LISTEN TO ME...WE MUST STOP OUR LIES.  ONCE AND FOR ALL.  In EPHESIANS 6:10-11  FINALLY, MY BRETHERN, BE STRONG IN THE LORD, AND IN THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT.  PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD, THAT YE  MAY BE ABLE TO STAND AGAINST THE WILES OF THE DEVIL.  As I have said, the enemy is always on the move against what God represents.  So when you see that you have sinned against God in your day, tell Him, what it is and repent in your heart.  REPENT MEANS, YOU WILL STOP DOING THAT.  And until you stop doing that sin, YOU HAVE NOT TRULY REPENTED.  By your own admitting your sin outward, stopping it completely, not making any excuses for obeying, can you have a repentance heart and turn from that sin.  We all need to work hard in correcting this area of our lives.  All of us.  This is  what God is talking about in EPHESIANS 6:14  STAND THEREFORE, HAVING YOUR LOINS GIRT ABOUT WITH TRUTH, AND HAVING ON THE BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.  God is glory filed with righteousness.  And if we are to keep order and we are to please God we will have to work on righteousness.  Be truthful.  WITH OUT TRUTH, THERE CAN BE NO RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Here is what God has to say about truth.  It is clear to me, that everything about God hinges on TRUTH.  With out truth, God would be powerless.  So you can see how important TRUTH MUST BE TO GOD.  This is Jesus speaking.  JOHN 14:6  JESUS SAITH UNTO HIM, I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE; NO MAN COMETH UNTO THE FATHER, BUT BY ME.  And here is another one for us.  1 JOHN 2:4  HE THAT SAITH, I KNOW HIM, AND KEEPETH NOT HIS COMMANDMENTS, IS A LIAR, AND THE TRUTH IS NOT IN HIM.

LISTEN TO ME:  First let us look at this scripture about TRUTH.  JOHN 6:44  NO MAN CAN COME TO ME, EXCEPT THE FATHER WHICH HATH SENT ME DRAW HIM:  AND I WILL RAISE HIM UUP AT THE LAST DAY.  People.  This is so important to understand and get this into our spirit.  The Father states here, it is He that draw people.  And listen closely, please.  Unless we work on our area of making excuses or lying about our situations and conditions that are taking place in our lives, THE FATHER (WILL NOT DRAW US) AT ALL.   HE hates a liar!

WE MUST MAKE THE CORRECTIONS THAT ARE NECESSARY IN OUR LIVES TO REMOVE ANY FALSE WAY OF LIVING OR WAY THAT DOES NOT PLEASE GOD.  IF WE DO NOT, OUR COURSE IS SET ON THE BROAD PATH THAT LEADS TO DEATH.  WHEN WE LIVE IN SIN AND REFUSE TO CORRECT IT, WE ARE BOUNDING THE HANDS OF GOD. THIS IS THE CONSEQUENCES OF SIN, IN GOD'S EYES.  AND HIS MERCY WOULD BE TO LET YOU GO TO ETERNAL DEATH, SO THAT YOU DO NOT CAUSE OTHERS TO STUMBLE.  God has a warning against this, that we are to be careful.  Look at:  1 CORINTHIANS 8:9  BUT TAKE HEED LEST BY ANY MEANS THIS LIBERTY OF YOURS BECOME A STUMBLING BLOCK TO THEM THAT ARE WEAK.  So now you have it, how important TRUTH IS TO GOD. He isn't playing nor is it some silly game to Him.  As we all learn to choose to serve God and keep order in His sight, our growing process will naturally open the door to how we can please God.  And BY OBEDIENCE ONLY, can we be  subject to His will and ways only.  In doing this, we keep a pattern that we can examine and correct as we go along.  And not allowing any excuse for correcting our wrong in God's eyes.  As we stay in the Word, we learn all about ourselves, exposing our corrupt nature and making the necessary changes that please God and close that gap of separation with God.  Therefore, we can embrace this circumstance and correct it, by repenting. This means stop doing that sin, completely all together, once and for all. Here, we will have victory.  BY WALKING IN TRUTH.  I do not want you to be ignorant of this knowledge.  When the enemy comes to you, YOUR SPIRIT OF TRUTH will rise up in your defense, so that you can nip it in the bud, like Jesus did in the desert.   As we practice living this way, you will become refreshed and start taking joy in your surroundings.  Learning to be content.  Just as Paul tells us to do and in all things give thanks.  I am praying that you all receive this Word from God and grow into a closer relationship with our Father who will take great pleasure in doing so.  Bless you all.  I now leave you all with these last words of wisdom.   JOHN 8:31-32  THEN SAID JESUS TO THOSE JEWS WHICH BELIEVED ON HIM, IF YE CONTINUE IN MY WORD, THEN ARE YE MY DISCIPLES INDEED;  AND YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH, AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE.  I love you all very much, His good servant, pastor tom!!!



I LOVE YOU.  I know we have heard this many times before and said it ourselves.  But do we really understand the true meaning of love?  I mean real love.  The world is so quick to present love or express it in many different ways.  One thing is for sure.  The world is good at convincing the way we are to love, including all of the avenues we can take to receive this love or express it to someone else.  All of our examples comes this way to us or through our home life as we grow up.  And which ever way becomes appealing to us according to our 5 senses, we adopt this love and it becomes a pattern to follow as our own perception of what real love is.  Please, listen to me.  The love that you have learned in the world, is not real love.  It most likely will not last or have any value to you what so ever.  IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW REAL LOVE, UNLESS YOU ARE LEARNING ABOUT THE LOVE OF GOD.  HE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN TEACH US AND SHOW US REAL LOVE.  Look around you.  In this world that we are all sharing expresses love in so many way.  With out God, it is impossible to know which one is right.  So as we all start out, the flesh becomes our teacher.   If it feels good and I like it and you feel good too, with me, then it must be love.   And it's ok, let's love each other this way.  And this is our foundation we build on.  I love you and you love me.  Oh yes, the sex is good so that must be some kind of conformation that we are on the right path also.  I like your looks and you like my looks, there is another good point.  I will do things you like, you will do things I like,  so it's working, yes?   Come on, we all know what I am talking about.  NOW LET'S THROW ALL OF THAT IN THE TRASH AND START OFF THE RIGHT WAY.  THE WAY THAT GOD LOVES.

First off:  1 JOHN 4:7-8  BELOVED, LET US LOVE ONE ANOTHER: FOR LOVE IS OF GOD; AND EVERY ONE THAT LOVETH IS BORN OF GOD, AND KNOWETH GOD.  HE THAT LOVETH NOT KNOWETH NOT GOD; FOR GOD IS LOVE.  When God created everything, He did this out of love.  He made a perfect garden for Adam and Eve.  Look at all of creation and all of the beauty in everything.  God made all things around us possible, because He loves us.  He loves us so much, that He has made it possible for us to be with Him eternally in His private place.  There isn't one deserving of this privilege that He options out to each and every one of us.  We miss treat Him, lie to Him, turn our backs on Him and He continues to love us in spite of our poor excuse for a human being.  BECAUSE GOD DOES EVERYTHING OUT OF LOVE, we should be reaching to receive this love with as much zeal, one has pushing to come in first place in a race.   WE HAVE JUST GONE THROUGH 3 POINTS NOW.  IF WE CONTINUE TO PUT THEM INTO ACTION AN PRACTICE DAILY, THE DOOR TO GOD'S PRESENCE WILL OPEN.  HE HAS THE HOLY SPIRIT HERE FOR US, WAITING TO HELP US.  TO GUIDE US IN THE DIRECTION WE SHOULD GO.  As The Holy Spirit directs us, LOVE WILL BE THE MOTIVATIONAL FUEL, nudging us what to do, how to do it and with the driving force that will influence the motive of our hearts to adopt to the love of God.  Again, Jesus is the example for this.  We know God is love and so was Jesus.  John 14:9  JESUS SAITH UNTO HIM, HAVE I BEEN SO LONG TIME WITH YOU, AND YET HAST THOU NOT KNOW ME, PHILIP? HE THAT HATH SEEN ME HATH SEEN THE FATHER; AND HOW SAYEST THOU THEN, SHEW US THE FATHER?  In the same way, we must allow our Spirit to be subject to the Holy Spirit, to learn ourselves to love correctly, God's way and not by the world.  Jesus allowed His Spirit to be led by God's Spirit, so Jesus would love people while He walked here in the flesh.  I believe this is recorded only one time in the Bible, where God's Spirit led anyone while Jesus was still alive in the flesh.  This is in Matthew 4:1  THEN WAS JESUS LED UP OF THE SPIRIT INTO THE WILDERNESS TO BE TEMPTED OF THE DEVIL.  This was God's Spirit leading Jesus as Jesus became subject and allowing His Spirit to be led.  WE MUST DO THE SAME.  IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO FIND GOD'S LOVE AND BE ONE WITH HIM.  As Paul moved around, several times he made mention of the importance for believers to be on one accord or become like minded.  This allows the Holy Spirit to work freely and not be hindered by the enemy's presence.  As we communicate with God through the Spirit, our own spirit if not open to God, will be open to the enemy.  Remember, the enemy is waiting to kill, steal and destroy.  This is why we must be in TRUTH.  So be on guard, as always.  Our true existence is spirit within us all.  The body is flesh and will rot away in time.  This is why God tells us about our fight is against the spirit world, principalities of this world.  Because of lack of knowledge, we get caught up daily in arguing and fighting one another.  The enemy is after your spirit because he knows this is the image of God.  THE SPIRIT.  And satan will do everything possible to pluck us from the Hand of God. This testifies satan's plan of doing this.  John 10:28  AND I GIVE UNTO THEM ETERNAL LIFE, AND THEY SHALL NEVER PERISH, NEITHER SHALL ANY MAN PLUCK THEM OUT OF MY HAND.  It is this scripture that represents how great the love of God should mean to all of us.  And the bible even tells us also, satan comes at the angel of light, this means posing as if he is the Holy Spirit.  While along he is the counterfeit, a deceiver and master of liars of all time.  So we must start now, make the change, rejecting any love that comes by way of the standards of the world and it's system.  Especially, this change must take place in the church.  It is in the church, where satan does his best work.  This is sad, but divorce is recorded higher in the church than out of the church.  This is where satan does his best work, all the time.  

LISTEN TO ME:  Marriage was created as a representation of love. A bond between two.  Like the Father and Jesus.  Like  the bible says,  Marriage was intended to be a representation of love, a bond of two becoming one, just as Jesus said, when you have seen me, you have seen the Father.  They were one, only made possible because of LOVE THAT COMES FROM GOD.  John 15:13  GREATER LOVE HATH NO MAN THAN THIS, THAT A MAN LAY DOWN HIS LIFE FOR HIS FRIENDS.  This is a marriage, a bond that can not be broken.  THIS IS WHY GOD HATES DIVORCE.  Divorce only represents separation and the destruction of love which only comes from the devil.  Even to this day, God has never stamped His approval for anyone seeking a divorce.  The church has twisted marriage and love so where people seeking divorce willingly accept it as ok.  It is wrong.  As we take on the love that only comes from God, we will begin to remove all of those lies we have adopted and replace them with truth and real love of God.  Only to be shared and given away freely to someone in need of love.  I am praying we all come into a closer relationship with God and love one another, truly as God loves us.  I love you all, His good servant, pastor tom!!! 


I know if you apply them in your life, your eyes will be opened.  Keep it in order and practice it in your life daily.  God loves us all very much and we should love God too.  Only by your own expression of Godly actions, will God see how much you really love Him.  No one can fool God and why would you try. I am praying for you, p tom!!!








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FALSE HOPE with in the church!

I was just talking to someone about how important it is to read the whole Bible, from front to beginning.  Each time I have this conversation, I get resistance and excuses why they have not and do not need to take the time to do so.  Most people use the most popular lie, I have read most of it, I have been going to church for so many years and I know I am a Christian.  Besides, I live by God's mercy and grace. Just reading what I just typed, I have no idea what that means at all.  The truth is, they lie, they have not read it all.  The numbers are true, the fact is, about 95% of the Christians, have not read it all the way through.  The sad part is, churches do not make this a requirement for the flock. Just come, assemble in church and become an active member, do your part. Don't worry, you are a working process so let God work it all out. This allows the people continue on repeating their same sins over and over again, with the thinking, it's ok, as long as I go to church and help out. People are going to church, just to go. No motive to get on the path that will change their bad habits and patterns that keep them in the same rut day after day. Growing by standards set by satan and not by God. The Bible states it clearly, My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge. This is a direct account from God, talking to the church (my people) and telling them, they are being destroyed or perishing because of lack of knowledge. Meaning, we aren't reading His Word as it is intended. From beginning to end as it is written.

Before I go into an example to help us clear this up, let me give an account.  Who do we know, that has read it all the way the way through.

(1)  God our Father, I know He knows it from front to end. (2)  And there is Jesus, Jesus made it clear, He is the Word, so knows it from front to back.  (3)  The Holy Spirit, sent here to help us with the Word.  (4)  Let's not forget satan, he knows it all, from front to back.  (5)  There is myself, I have read it from front to back 33 times. That may just be the record for humans and still I don't have it entirely even with reading it that many times from front to back.  (6)  I sure there are others somewhere that have read it from front to back, maybe even a few times themselves.  NOW IF I HAVE READ IT THAT MANY TIMES MYSELF AND STILL HAVE A DESIRE TO READ IT AGAIN, YOU CAN SEE WHY, I COME TO THE CONCLUSION, IT MUST BE THE DEVIL'S HAND IN PREVENTING AND CAUSING SO MANY TO REFUSE TO READ THE WHOLE BIBLE. AND THAT IS CAUSED BY DECEPTION, NOTHING ELSE. BECAUSE IT JUST ISN'T POSSIBLE FOR ANYONE TO SAY THEY LOVE JESUS AND NOT HAVE THE DESIRE TO READ ALL OF IT. I AM SORRY TO SAY THIS TO YOU, BUT SOMEONE IS A LIAR HERE. AND WHERE THRE IS A LIAR, THERE MUST BE THE DEVIL ALSO. WE CAN NOT SEPARATE ONE FROM THE OTHER. AND BECAUSE OF THIS, CHURCHES SPROUT UP EVERYWHERE WITH THEIR OWN DOCTORINE AND BELIEF ALL BASED ON SOME OF THE WORD. AND NOT ALL OF THE WORD. THEY LEARN THEIR HOPE BASED ON WHAT IS TAUGHT TO THEM AND IT BECOME ENOUGH, JUST ENOUGH TO GIVE THEM A SENSE OF BEING DIFFERENT FROM THE WORLD. AND IT WORKS EVERYWHERE. AS PATTERNS RISE UP IN CHURCH, IT SPREADS ALL OVER THE WORLD, BEING ADOPTED, PATTERN AFTER WHAT THEY SEE OTHER CHURCHES DOING BUT ADDING A LITTLE TWIST TO IT WITHIN THEIR OWN CHURCH AS A WAY OF STATING THIS IS HOW GOD IS MOVING NOW IN THIS DAY.  (OH MY! IT'S NOT GOD MOVING) THEY ARE DECEIVED, ITS (the enemy satan, posing as the angel of light, just as it is foretold in the scriptures).


Do not believe me.  Let us go to scriptures and find out if what I say is true or false. Then you decice.

Let's go to the best source for our answer:  Matthew 4, The temptation of Jesus.

THEN WAS JESUS LED UP OF THE SPIRIT INTO THE WILDERNESS TO BE TEMPTED OF THE DEVIL. Look here, Jesus (even being the Word) because He was the Word, this testifies, He has full knowledge of the Word from beginning to end. (Do you see how knowledgeable Jesus was, ALL WAS IN AND PART OF HIM.) And He was in the Spirit. You can't be in the Spirit of God unless you are full truth, All again. Let's go further. AND WHEN HE FAD FASTED FORTY DAYS AND FORTY NIGHTS, HE WAS AFTERWARD AN HUNGERED. Here His flesh was weakened. AND WHEN THE TEMPTER CAME TO HIM, HE SAID, IF THOU BE THE SON OF GOD, COMMAND THAT THESE STONES BE MADE BREAD. BUT HE ANSWERED AND SAID. (Now here it comes, our answer) IT IS WRITTEN, MAN SHALL NOT LIVE BY BREAD ALONE, (the flesh) BUT BY EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDETH OUTOF THE MOUTH OF GOD.  And there you have it, EVERY WORD.  People, listen to me.  YOU CAN NOT SCRIPTURE WHIP THE DEVIL. We must have the knowledge of Every Word of this book at our fingertips to use (ALL) at the same time in the battle we are in. satan uses all of it against us, it only stands to reason, we will need to use it all against the enemy for our defense. Anything less just will not work. Try making a cake and leave out some of the mix.  It just won't taste right. Oh it may look like a cake and smell like a cake, but something about it will be (ALL) wrong.  People there is not such thing as some wrong, or little wrong. If it is wrong, IT IS ALL WRONG. For this reason, God tells us, ALL SIN LEADS TO DEATH.  And there you have it people. Let's get it right this time. Take the time, make the time to read the Bible, from front to back. ALL OF IT, YOU'RE GOING TO NEED IT, I PROMISE YOU. Until the next time, I love you all, (ALL) very much, His good servant, p tom!!! 

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Separation - Stolen time by the enemy!


God tells us to choose life, above all of our choices. Let's look at this scripture together. 


Even if you're not a believer, common sense would be to make choices in life that will prolong life and make our situations and conditions more enjoyable as we go along.  But look around you.  This isn't happening.  We make choices that only feed our flesh on a temporary basis.  WE dive in head first, not looking at the outcome or the consequences that will follow. This is exactly what the enemy, satan wants us all to do. Once we have problems from those wrong choices made, our time is consumed by the need to undo that problem. This affects everyone around us, friends, ones we love, in and out of our work place. This is stolen time from us that we could have to spend with God, our Father who loves us and wants nothing but to spend time with us all. But the need to address this problem will create separation between one another and God. Separation is separation. Nothing good can come or it.

As each of us begin to deal with these problems that filter over into our lives, we loose something very valuable to our spirit. It is order, or better know as SELF DISICIPLINE.  As our problems compile because of wrong choices, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Because we are unable to repair these problem from wrong choices, we fail, never completely removing the problem. Depression sets in causing more confusion in our mind, making it more difficult to see any resolution or way out.  We then become self reliant, keeping everyone out while our pride is putting on a front or mask of, I am ok. Therefore locking the door to communication, not allowing anyone in to see our very real problem going on and the failure we are becoming in our secret hiding place we now have created. The big sign now goes up for all to see, if they are paying attention, KEEP OUT!  Perhaps you have heard it or even said it for yourself.  They won't listen, or no one can talk to them. Bondage! They need help...

God in His scriptures talk about this several times about the assembling of His people and how important it is.  We need each other, but by ourselves or alone, we are prone to fall in the trap of the enemy. 

Here are a few scriptures for us to look at to understand, the enemy can steal our time and cause separation to take place.

Look at this with me please.  (Genesis 4:8-9)  AND CAIN TALKED WITH ABEL HIS BROTHER: AND IT CAME TO PASS, WHEN THEY WERE IN THE FEILD, THAT CAIN ROSE UP AGAINST ABEL HIS BROTHER, AND SLEW HIM.  AND THE LORD SAID UNTO CAIN, WHERE IS ABEL THY BROTHER? AND HE SAID, I KNOW NOT: AM I MY BROTHER'S KEEPER? Clearly here, the enemy satan made his way into Cain's life making options in his life to make wrong choices causing separation, (division) between his brother and himself, thus causing him to kill his brother and separation between him and God. 

Another scripture to look at.  (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)  TWO ARE BETTER THAN ONE; BECAUSE THEY HAVE A GOOD REWARD FOR THEIR LABOUR. FOR IF THEY FALL, THE ONE WILL LIFT UP HIS FELLOW: BUT WOE TO HIM THAT IS ALONE WHEN HE FALLETH; FOR HE HATH NOT ANOTHER TO HELP HIM UP. Clearly here, God is telling us, our good choices will help us in the fight to keep the wall of separation from forming in our lives. We have the desire to assemble with one another, to perform in God's will, making good choices with un-selfish motives. We are not easily deceived by the enemies tricks and quickly able to say no to him and his ways. This removes the presence of satan from our lives, making it more likely to stay in the presence of God, glorifying Him by working in His Will and not operating in our own will, where we can be deceived and make those wrong choices causing separation between God and ourselves.


WHEN WE OPERATE IN satan's will.  We can only make wrong choices, allowing our time to be stolen by the enemy, suiting his needs in his plan.  (This is separation from God)

WHEN WE OPERATE IN GOD'S WILL:  We make right choices, allowing our time to freely be given to God, pleasing Him, by submitting our will to Him and catering to His needs in carrying out His plan. (This is one in Christ) 

Bless you all, I love you, His good servant, pastor tom!!!

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