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Separation - Stolen time by the enemy!


God tells us to choose life, above all of our choices. Let's look at this scripture together. 


Even if you're not a believer, common sense would be to make choices in life that will prolong life and make our situations and conditions more enjoyable as we go along.  But look around you.  This isn't happening.  We make choices that only feed our flesh on a temporary basis.  WE dive in head first, not looking at the outcome or the consequences that will follow. This is exactly what the enemy, satan wants us all to do. Once we have problems from those wrong choices made, our time is consumed by the need to undo that problem. This affects everyone around us, friends, ones we love, in and out of our work place. This is stolen time from us that we could have to spend with God, our Father who loves us and wants nothing but to spend time with us all. But the need to address this problem will create separation between one another and God. Separation is separation. Nothing good can come or it.

As each of us begin to deal with these problems that filter over into our lives, we loose something very valuable to our spirit. It is order, or better know as SELF DISICIPLINE.  As our problems compile because of wrong choices, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Because we are unable to repair these problem from wrong choices, we fail, never completely removing the problem. Depression sets in causing more confusion in our mind, making it more difficult to see any resolution or way out.  We then become self reliant, keeping everyone out while our pride is putting on a front or mask of, I am ok. Therefore locking the door to communication, not allowing anyone in to see our very real problem going on and the failure we are becoming in our secret hiding place we now have created. The big sign now goes up for all to see, if they are paying attention, KEEP OUT!  Perhaps you have heard it or even said it for yourself.  They won't listen, or no one can talk to them. Bondage! They need help...

God in His scriptures talk about this several times about the assembling of His people and how important it is.  We need each other, but by ourselves or alone, we are prone to fall in the trap of the enemy. 

Here are a few scriptures for us to look at to understand, the enemy can steal our time and cause separation to take place.

Look at this with me please.  (Genesis 4:8-9)  AND CAIN TALKED WITH ABEL HIS BROTHER: AND IT CAME TO PASS, WHEN THEY WERE IN THE FEILD, THAT CAIN ROSE UP AGAINST ABEL HIS BROTHER, AND SLEW HIM.  AND THE LORD SAID UNTO CAIN, WHERE IS ABEL THY BROTHER? AND HE SAID, I KNOW NOT: AM I MY BROTHER'S KEEPER? Clearly here, the enemy satan made his way into Cain's life making options in his life to make wrong choices causing separation, (division) between his brother and himself, thus causing him to kill his brother and separation between him and God. 

Another scripture to look at.  (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)  TWO ARE BETTER THAN ONE; BECAUSE THEY HAVE A GOOD REWARD FOR THEIR LABOUR. FOR IF THEY FALL, THE ONE WILL LIFT UP HIS FELLOW: BUT WOE TO HIM THAT IS ALONE WHEN HE FALLETH; FOR HE HATH NOT ANOTHER TO HELP HIM UP. Clearly here, God is telling us, our good choices will help us in the fight to keep the wall of separation from forming in our lives. We have the desire to assemble with one another, to perform in God's will, making good choices with un-selfish motives. We are not easily deceived by the enemies tricks and quickly able to say no to him and his ways. This removes the presence of satan from our lives, making it more likely to stay in the presence of God, glorifying Him by working in His Will and not operating in our own will, where we can be deceived and make those wrong choices causing separation between God and ourselves.


WHEN WE OPERATE IN satan's will.  We can only make wrong choices, allowing our time to be stolen by the enemy, suiting his needs in his plan.  (This is separation from God)

WHEN WE OPERATE IN GOD'S WILL:  We make right choices, allowing our time to freely be given to God, pleasing Him, by submitting our will to Him and catering to His needs in carrying out His plan. (This is one in Christ) 

Bless you all, I love you, His good servant, pastor tom!!!

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GOD, Is Love! (1 John 4:8)  HE THAT LOVETH NOT KNOWETH NOT GOD; FOR GOD IS LOVE.  God is love. He can't stop loving us.  In order for God to stop loving us, He would have to hate us, becoming a liar in all that He tells us. And everything that is made known for our benefit would not take place or exist.  But because He Is Love, we can beleive everything He does for us is fueled by His Great Love and all things are made possible for us all.  God even backs this up with many promises.  Please read Psalms 136, this entire chapter is all about His love and mercy, that it last forever.  Once we start to understand this love, it is God's hope that we follow, loving our fellow man, in every relationship, taking on the characteristics and traits of His Love. This is why He sent Jesus, as an example or pattern to follow. Jesus loved where ever He walked and ministered.  The many parables teach this love. And just how far are we to take this LOVE, by God's design. 

People, there is only one true way to love and that is by God's way explained in the scriptures.  His standards are much higher than ours, so we must raise them.  Then, we can love as God does.  If we do not use the Word of God as our rules of engagement for love with one another, or in relationship or in marriage, in a friendship, or even with our enemy, WE WILL FAIL TO LOVE.  IT will be a counterfeit love, that is patterned after the ways of the world and everything it teaches and it will fail every time.  Because this love opposes God and this love only comes from the enemy, satan.  WE MUST SAY NOT, TO IT!

LISTEN TO ME:  Even in the church, people express love to one another with restrictions, guidelines that are self seeking, feeding the flesh.  The percentage of false love, including in the church, if probably 95% in this false love.  This is why you see so many divorce.  It is a fact divorce is higher in the church than people not in church.  What does this tell you.  Churches are allowing divorce, standing behind divorce creating divorce care classes all over the place.    (PEOPLE, YOU MUST WAKE UP!)     THERE SHOULD BE NO DIVORCE OR ANY REASON FOR IT AT ALL.  People, we divorce, because we don't like the way it is going.  The truth is, no one wants to sacrifice in order to seek that love that God is giving us first hand.  The pastors in the pulpit are deceived or will not stand their ground, in fear of loosing attendance. When we have this going on in the pulpit, this tells me, there is many things going on in that pastor's life, where he is being disobedient to God.  And refuses to repent.  

If we are to love, the love as God has for us, then we must learn this from Him.  Simply reading the Word, will not surface that love of God in you.  You, we must make an effort, take some action, meaning, getting up off of our comfort cushion and start making application of God's Word in your lives as He instructs.  You must say no, to the world's standards and rules of love.  You must not rely on the court system to solve your marriage problems.  You must stop your complaining.  Each one of us, must look in the mirror and say no to the evil that is in our hearts. We must repent, seek forgiveness with one another in all things until we see evidence of God's love taking place in our lives, restoring the broken relationship at all cost.  The desire in our hearts must change also. Not only should we want our relationship restored, we willingly with joy do so, if for no other reason but to please the other person.  If we do this, then and only then can we please God.  And He will smile down on us for our good works.  PLEASE, BEGIN TO SEEK SCRIPTURES THAT WILL SHOW YOU GOD'S LOVE.  There are some scriptures in the bible that are there for instructing us. So we need to get a plan of action.  IN ORDER FOR THIS TO TAKE PLACE WE MUST TAKE A COURSE OF ACTION THAT IS PLEASING TO GOD.  This scripture continues to come to my spirit all the time.  For the life of me, I just don't get it, why this is taken so, (not important).  This scripture should be every pastor's motivation of getting up doing God's work, in spreading the Gospel.  Let's look at it, please.  Matthew 7:13-14  ENTER YE IN AT THE STRAIT GATE: FOR WIDE IS THE GATE, AND BROAD IS THE WAY, THAT LEADETH TO DESTRUCTION, AND MANY THERE BE WHICH GO IN THEREAT:  BECAUSE STRAIT IS THE GATE AND NARROW IS THE WAY, WHICH LEADETH UNTO LIFE, AND FEW THERE BE THAT FIND IT.  This scripture should bother everyone, but very little take notice.  Oh my, how sad would it be, if this scripture doesn't concern you, then you most likely will perish. LOVE HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH TAKING THE NARROW GATE TO LIFE.

Listen to me:  We in the world are living, rather, loving by the standards of the world. This love was created since Adam and Eve's time.  Because of separation from God, we all have learned to love one another, by deciding how the other has made us feel towards them.  When we do this, we create restrictions and justification by self deciding just how far love will reach, before an offense is taken.  Yes we have made it our decision to say to the other person, whether or not, he or she loves us or doesn't love us any longer. We can say, we have laws now on what is love and what is not love.  Here are some examples.


THIS IS HOW THE WORLD DECIDES HOW FAR TO GO WITH LOVE:  Let's say, he or she said a cuss word to us.  We then say, you hurt my feelings, but I am willing to forgive you and still love you.  Maybe this happens all the time, well we can still live with that.  Maybe he or she drinks a little too much.  Well not to bad, I will drink too, and still love. Possible, he or she hits the other, well, I am not hurt too bad, so I can still love.  Well maybe, he or she beat them up pretty bad, well this is something else.  There are laws against that, I can leave him or her if this doesn't stop. Well maybe got drunk, or high, and spend life savings lost everything and their job.  Well, its' not looking like I need to divorce.  YOU SEE, THE WORSE THE CONDITIONS AND CIRCUMSTANCES ARE IN A MARRIAGE, THE MORE REASONS COME UP TO LEAVE HIM OR HER AND DIVORCE THEM.  BECAUSE WE NOW VENTURE INTO BREAKING THE LAW.  IN THIS WORLD, THE LAW IS NOT THERE TO BRINGS A SOLUTION FOR CORRECTION OF THE PROBLEM, IT IS THERE TO AID IN TEARING APART WITH THE JUSTIFICATION BEING, FOR THE PROTECTION OF THAT PERSON.  THE SAD PART, THE CHURCH FALL RIGHT INTO THIS DECEPTION OF THE WORLD, SAYING IT WAS THE BEST THING TO DO.  The truth is, usually both parties are living in sin, disobedience to God, therefore becoming blinded or deceived in their own situation, they can't see the truth or find the right way out. And in most cases, you will see, one seeking the divorce and the other not really wanting the divorce.  This happens because, GOD HATES DIVORCE.  Because this represents separation and everyone is hurt by this act.  No one wins, ever! YOU SEE, GOD LOVES US NO MATTER WHAT OR HOW WE ACT WITH ONE ANOTHER.  WHY?  BECAUSE GOD'S LOVE IS THE ONLY TRUE LOVE AND WAY TO LOVE.  Aren't you glad, God doesn't have any conditions that will stop Him from loving us. I know I am.

I KEEP SAYING, WE MUST RAISE OUR STANDARDS:  The first step in turning your love into God's love, stop lying, stop your excuses, stop thinking only of yourself, stop following the ways of the world, stop leaving God out of your day.  Just say no to all of these things and replace them with the opposite. BE TRUTHFUL, KEEP TO YOUR WORD MEANING DO WHAT YOU SAY, START THINKING OF OTHERS FIRST, BE IN THE WORLD BUT NOT OF THE WORLD AND START YOUR DAY SAYING HELLO TO GOD AND THANKING HIM FOR HOW IT WILL TURN OUT.  Thank you all so much, I love you, His good servant, pastor tom!!! 

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GOD'S FAVOR, How do we know?

We must make a choice before we will have God's Favor.  The Bible tells us clearly, Be in the world, but not of the world.  Look at:  1 John 2:15  LOVE NOT THE WORLD, NEITHER THE THINGS THAT ARE IN THE WORLD. IF ANY MAN LOVE THE WORLD, THE LOVE OF THE FATHER IS NOT IN HIM.  Listen to me:  If we want to have God's favor in our lives, we will have to do things God's way. That's it, no exceptions at all!  The above scripture states this.  Let us look at a chart below, please.

      God's Way                                                    OR                               satan's way                                                      

When you are in the world, but not of the world.                            When you are in the world and of the world.

With God, there is justice and mercy.                                             With satan, there is justice and no mercy.

With mercy, correction will follow.                                                  With no mercy, punishment will follow.

With correction, it may still be hard,                                               With punishment, it may still be hard,

But things will improve for the better.                                              But things will get worse.

You may not see God's favor in the beginning.                                 You will not see God's presence anywhere.

The conditions of your circumstances change.                                  The conditions of your circumstances change.

You see supernatural intervention take place.                                   You see the bottom drop out.

Your conditions expose a way our for you.                                        Your conditions fade out.

A door of freedom opens up to you.                                                 The door of freedom closes behind you.

You clearly see now, what God has done for you.                               You fall deeper into a pit of no hope.

Your experience becomes a testimony.                                               Your testimony will become silence.

LISTEN TO ME:  In this world we live in, if we haven't any knowledge of God, it's difficult to understand or see there is a God at all.  We are all focused on our own life with very little concern for anyone else. We believe we make our lives happen by our own works and efforts, taking credit for all of it when it seems to be doing ok.  When things go wrong, it is our first response to blame someone else for our problems.  And this world system is built on this way of thinking.  Even the laws are molded to mix in with this way of life.  We become what and the way we think and process the information in our minds, adjusting and justifying our actions for our own benefit.  It's no wonder, when someone comes along and talks about God, who He is and what He can do in our lives, if we just believe and trust in Him, is a hard pill to swallow.  We are expected to have this faith in something we can't see or know the outcome.  FEAR, stops most of us every time.  What we create ourselves of our own doing, makes more sense to us, because we can see, touch and feel what we believe in.  Testimony, is a powerful tool for God.  God wants to spend time with us, but it is our own selfishness that keeps us separated from Him.  And for those who do not know Him yet, possibly by reading testimonies of God's people, the unbelievable person, will make time to see what God is all about.  This is my hope too.  Please take time to read testimonies.  This is encouragement also for the people that believe in God too.  Bless you all. p tom!!!



I would love to give testimony myself, using the court system as an example:  Just yesterday, I had to take my friend, pastor Cicero to court, where he was pulled over driving no license and expired visa now going on about 10 years here in the US.  He was supposed to get a new license, but it is not possible because of his status expired. His case came up and the trouble was great, looking like he needed an attorney and trial.  This route would surely have ended in being made to leave this country.  We prayed about this before going there asking God for favor.  This means we need to stay within the bounds of the law of the world and the law of obeying God.  My spirit quickly moved me to act, I reached out to the attorney, to ask about putting him at the mercy of the court, pleading no contest. This means guilty, but not admitting it openly. Asking for mercy from the Judge.  Well, I must say, God was with us, favor in our case. The judge gave him 6 months probation and fine making pastor Cicero's position more favorable in staying here. Everything changed before our eyes, supernatural intervention, God's Favor!

PEOPLE, YOU MUST WAKE UP, AND TAKE A GOOD LOOK AROUND YOU. If you do not see God's presence in your life, then something must be wrong. WE should see this evidence every day. I love you all very much, His good servant, pastor tom!!! 


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Everyone seems to ask this very question.  What is the Will of God for me?  With the help of satan, our enemy and because of nothing else other than dis-obeying God, this question has rolled off the lips of just about every professing, claiming to be Christian know to man.  Because of miss-understanding and poor teaching up at the pulpit, we walk around in search of, The Will Of God, as if it's some perfect path we need to be on, picked out for each and everyone of us since the beginning of time.  People spend years seeking to get themselves on this path, that doesn't exist. 

Lack of knowledge is always our problem.  Let's look at this scripture please.  Hosea 4:6  MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE: BECAUSE THOU HAST REJECTED KNOWLEDGE, I WILL ALSO REJECT THEE,  THAT THOU SHALT BE NO PRIEST TO ME: SEEING THOU HAST FORGOTTEN THE LAW OF THY GOD, I WILL ALSO FORGET THY CHILDREN.  These are pretty strong words, yet taken so lightly.  I always like to ask this question to people.  Have you ever read the whole Bible, from beginning to the end without stopping?  Not speed reading or jumping all around like many churches would have you do out there, (reading the bible in a year). You can ask 100 people, how many have read it all the way through and possible 6 or 7 will admit to having done it. This is just laziness or not making time for God.  Oh my, shame on all of you.  With out knowledge, which only comes from reading the Bible, this opens the door making it easy to think there is some magic path to find and jump on, thinking God will then show us the way.  This thinking is no different than putting someone in a 747 plane that has never flown before and letting them be your pilot taking you to your charted trip.  That's crazy!

Now let's look at a scripture about The Will Of God.  Here is a good one.  Luke 22:42  SAYING, FATHER, IF THOU BE WILLING, REMOVE THIS CUP FROM ME: NEVERTHELESS NOT MY WILL, BUT THINE, BE DONE.  This is Jesus in the garden praying.  While He was praying, God revealed to Him (Jesus) the next event of thing to do as it was about to take place soon.  You see, Jesus, everywhere He went, He turned to the Father, submitting His Will and waiting for instructions as what to do next. Once Jesus received what to do, (act of obedience) He got up and did as He was told.  He didn't question or offering up any advice of any to the situation fourth coming.  He simply did it, regardless of the consequences or conditions that were sure to follow His obedience.

Often we hear from God, but we fail to listen and do as we are told.  Why, it takes us out of our comfort zone.  So the consequences are, we end up doing things our own selfish way we want to take place. We do this to satisfy and make life easier and as little trouble as possible.  This does nothing to benefit God at all. It is our flesh that cries out and we do what we can to feed it.  Because of this, we can't experience The Will Of God.  Dis-obedience to God will shut the door every time.  You see, God has a plan and He wants to include us.  But we are all too busy for Him.  God is instructing us most of the time according to His on going plan, in hopes we might enjoy His presence. If we stand still and listen, He will instruct us something to do.  If we obey, do as we are told, WHAT WE DO WILL BE THE WILL OF GOD.  No matter how great or how small the act is.  IT WILL BE THE WILL OF GOD!  Everything takes practice, people. This means, the more you do what God tells you to do, the more clear it will be to you, that WHAT YOU RECEIVED CAME FROM GOD! 

PEOPLE, YOUR ACT OF OBEDIENCE TO GOD WILL PLACE YOU IN THE WILL OF GOD, EVERYTIME!  This is what Jesus was talking about when He said, not my will, but thy will be done.  If Jesus took the situation into His own hands, using His own power, JESUS WOULD HAVE FALLEN OUT OF THE WILL OF GOD and the consequences would have changed all of our lives forever.  Thus leading us down that road and path to hell, where all of those end up refusing to be in THE WILL OF GOD.  I love you all, His good servant, pastor tom!!!

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LOVE, How Do We Know It?

LOVE:  Let's look it up in the dictionary.  There is only one I find, that comes close to an expression of real love.  It is my desire before talking about love, we be of one accord, like minded as possible to avoid any thought about what love by worldly standards.  Because the world lies to us all about love.  Together let us now look at it, please.




God made sure we are aware of love and how to love.  If we go to (1 Corinthians 13), we will have our answer in full detail. Before I speak, please go there and read it, over and over again before returning.  In fact, I suggest we all read this at least once every month while on our stay here on earth.  If you do, you will begin to understand God more clearly.

LISTEN TO ME:  Love is the very heart of God!  Every movement, thought, act, or any position God takes, is fueled and motivated by LOVE.  It is the very essence that forms who God is.  Every creation, even death itself is molded out of LOVE.  And it is God's love expressed to each and everyone one of us in hope that we adapt to His Love.  So that as we in turn will express this love to the next person and so on and so on.  God wants us to experience His presence and sit and talk and enjoy being with us. And it is His Love that makes it possible.

I will use myself as an example:  I have loved all of my life. Through this time I have loved many people.  On a more personal, I have loved those in my family, wives, children, brothers and sisters close friends, people in general in my life path and in passing, friends of business, friends of pleasure, church people of many different belief, even people in passing that do not return.  During the course of this life and time, love in all these cases even to this day, love has been expressed to me in many different ways, different expressions, different ideals of what love meant to many people as they expressed their love to me.  THERE IS ONLY ONE THING STANDS OUT TO BE CONSISTANT ABOUT LOVE, THROUGH ALL OF THESE MANY YEARS AND PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN IN MY LIFE.  That is: They all said:  I LOVE YOU, to me.  But the actions are different in most every case.  I never experienced the love from any of them, THE WAY GOD TELLS ME WHAT LOVE IS AND THE WAY HE EXPRESSES THAT LOVE TO ME.  For the most part, those people that told me, (I LOVE YOU), Now they, either do not like me, hate me, angry at me, miss-treat me, false accuse me, turned against me with evil, act as though I do not exist, wish they have never met me, wish I were dead, the list goes on and on.  I am so sad over this daily.  I know, that all of these people are now living in bondage.  A deception that only comes from the enemy, satan. If we love by God's standards, LOVE will endure forever, never fail.  This means those people would not act towards me the way that has taken place. To this day, I still love all of those people, I am not angry or upset for their actions, I am not disappointed in the way things turned out, I do not judge them as being in the wrong, I do not wish them any harm, I do not love them any less now than the time I loved them back then, IN FACT, I STILL LOVE THEM ALL THE SAME AS THE DAY AND TIMES WHEN THE CIRCUMSTANCES WE WERE FIRST IN WHILE OUR TIME TOGETHER AS ONE.  ANY DAY, I CAN SIT DOWN WITH ANYONE OF THEM ON THIS DAY AND STILL LOVE THEM THE SAME AS IF NO TIME HAS PASSED US BY.  THE ONLY VOID IN MY HEART, IS THE LOSS IN BETWEEN OUR SEPARATION.  BUT IN MY MIND, I THINK OF ALL OF THEM, ALL THE TIME, BECAUSE I LOVE THEM.  THIS IS HOW GOD LOVES!

BECAUSE I LOVE THEM:   LOVE, How Do I Know It?   My door has never been shut to anyone, ever!  I will not shut that door, for any reason know to man.  There is no excuse for me to use, to turn my back on anyone and say, I do not love you. It's just not going to happen, I love to much!  THE TRUTH IS:  This is the love that everyone is seeking, but they are adopting the love of the world, in it's place, believing that is the love they all desire. This is a self seeking love.  God tells us to be in the world, but not of the world.  This was my choice, because I want to obey God.  Because of this, I know and have seen JESUS in person.  Now I know God's love when I see it and the love of the world when I see it.  This is only possible, by experiencing God's Love.  Therefore, if we are in and of the world, we can not feel God's love.  Another example:   I have 3 daughters that want nothing to do with me because of being deceived by the world we live in.  They have not seen God's love, possible only through me, but they aren't aware of what this love I possess means.  It is foreign to them. They are living by the standards of this world which is ruled and run by satan the enemy.  They have adapted to the world.  So our time is filled with void and the connection of God's love as a family.  I am sure the enemy has filled their minds with lies and deception to keep them from uniting with me.  satan knows once I have the opportunity to love them and draw them close, I will surrender them over to God personally.  But my position is and will remain the same.  I am not shutting my door to them ever. I am their father and will love them under any conditions I must.  And at all cost, I will be patient, love them as if no days lost of relationship, I will pray for them, I will trust them in God's hands always.  I will count it all joy knowing they are God's children and belonging to Him only.  And the best thing I can ever do for them is to love them no matter what they think about me, or what they say about me or how they feel about me.  For I know my position in Christ is cradled with the Love of God.  And this is where I will stay.  I REFUSE AND WILL NOT LET MY CONDITIONS OR CIRCUMSTANCES DICTATE MY POSITION IN CHRIST.  I HAVE DECICED AND CHOOSE TO ALLOW MY POSITION IN CHRIST TO DICTATE MY CONDITIONS AND CIRCUMSTANCES IN MY LIFE AND TO THOSE ALL AROUND ME.  Love isn't something you say, it's something you do and express for others all around you under any condition and through any circumstance with joy in your heart.  Try it, wont' you.  His good servant, pastor tom!!!



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