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Inviting the Holy Spirit to come to "IHOP!"

10/24/14  INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PRAYER:  Down town Jacksonville, Florida.  This week God put it in my spirit and heart to go there, this last Friday.  I even put it on my list of things to do.  So I would not forget.  Friday came along and I had a busy day, not feeling well either.  Before I knew it, it was 4:30 in the afternoon.  I had forgotten all about it. The way I was feeling I didn't want to go.  But I made myself, God had instructed me to go. I showered quickly and readied myself to go.  Off I went, with the directions in my hand.  I got there early, there was only one person sitting.  Video music was on.  I waited.  If you know anything about this place, you know it to be a quiet place of soft music and just sit back, meditate and prayer.  The people begin to come. The musicians one at a time, filling their spot planned. It was near 5 or so when I arrived.  By the time of 7 or so, music surly was pleasant and that made for meditation.  Then a lady came in, I could feel her spirit, filled with the need to praise and worship God.  It was bursting in her awaiting to come out.  I begin to start praising JESUS, inviting the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD to come fill this place.  THEN THE SPIRIT OF GOD HIT ME.  I could not contain myself any longer of quiet and peaceful nature.  I BEGAN TO PRAISE GOD SINGING TO HIM, WORSHIPPING HIM.  I know my voice got louder than the people there were use to.  People there were informed to keep this a place of quietness.  Next thing I knew a lady came over to me tapped me on the shoulder, telling me I need to be quiet.  MY SPIRIT SPOKE TO ME, TELLING ME THAT LADY WAS BEING USED BY THE DEVIL, TO KEEP HOLY WORSHIP OUT OF THERE.  Well this had no affect on me, I had no control of myself as it were anyways.  It was the HOLY SPIRIT in me.  I believe the man speaking was a pastor, I didn't know, but it made no difference.  Then the lady sitting next to me, THE HOLY SPIRIT HIT HER.  Between the two of us, The Holy Spirit began to flow out to others.  Then the pastor asked, who needed prayer, I raised my hand, WE ALL NEED PRAYER PEOPLE, so someone came behind me to lay hands on me.  I turned to him and said, let me tell you my needs, he refused to listen to me.  He said I know what to pray for.  HE DIDN'T REALLY.  I could hear his spirit, asking to quiet me down or have me removed.  BUT GOD WASN'T GOING TO ALLOW, I KNEW IT IN MY SPIRIT. The next half hour it spread to everyone accepting HIM.  Even the pastor up front now began to be over powered by the HOLY SPIRIT.  He began thanking God for the HOLY SPIRIT as the SPIRIT FILL THE ROOM.  The lady next to me was on fire for the LORD.  She got up to go to the bathroom and at that time.  God said it is time to leave.  I waited for the lady to return.  When she got back, I said, I need to go.  She was saddened saying, please don't go.  This place needs you here, I said, I know, that is why I came here tonight.  I gave her my card and said, to call me when she has time.  I got up and left, knowing THE HOLY SPIRIT had visited them, filling the place with God's presence.  When I god back home, I was exhausted, drained from my time there. Lord, I thank You, for using me. As I am always here, willing to serve, His good servant, pastor tom!!!

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Truthful or Right, Which one are we?

BEING TRUTHFUL OR RIGHT, Which one are we?  Let us look up the meaning first, ok.  Get our your dictionary with me.  This will be very helpful in determining which one are you, being Truthful or being Right.

BEING TRUTHFUL:   Telling or disposed to tell the truth.  Look at (disposed), To put in place or settle a matter final or to come to terms.  Yes, I love that.  Now, let's look at a scripture about TRUTH.  John 14:6 exhibits just this meaning with out a flaw.  Let's read it now.


WOW!  Clearly Jesus states this as a fact as to being Truthful.  Jesus could say this because God the Father revealed these things to Jesus.  Jesus being one with the Father, knew the Father is all truth, therefore what Jesus would testify to those He came in contact with, He witnessed with assurance knowing it was so. There was nothing to figure out or reason in His mind to convince others what He would say was true and came from the Father.  This is a fine example of what the scriptures talks about when it speaks about: Walk in Spirit and in Truth.  Now let us look at the other please.

BEING RIGHT:     Conforming to facts or truth, to adjust or restore to the proper state or condition, justify/vindicate the need to.

Can we see a compelling act or desire to use effort, either it be self motivated or led by God, The Holy Spirit, or satan, the counterfeit (Holy Spirit)?  Of course, the definitions imply this in one way or another.  Look, we in society for thousands of years have performed the art of Lying and perfected it.  Our lies come in many forms and ways of motivation.  If this is the case, then what has happened to TRUTH.  It's gone!  Yes, no where to be found. Oh, my, forgive me.  There is one place out there.  The Bible!  No doubt, this is the TRUTH.  And it is available to each and everyone of us.  All we have to do is pick it up and do what it says to do.  What I have just said it more truth.  The Bible is the answer to all of our problems.  Then why are there so many problems out there?  Good question.  The answer is, because very few are picking it up daily and doing what it says. There is some more truth.  Listen to me:  So if TRUTH  is missing in our society, something must have taken the place.  This is logical.  Yes, RIGHT, or better said, BEING RIGHT.  You don't have to believe me, but pick anyone, talk to them and listen to them and I TELL YOU THE TRUTH, everyone will tell you they are right in what they have said and is the truth as it was told.  Yes, this is THE ART OF BEING RIGHT.  And it has replaced, BEING TRUTHFUL.  

The greatest deception that satan has ever performed, was to teach people to reason in their minds.  To be able to see a lie as the truth.  It all leads back to Adam and Eve.  Watch this!  satan convinced Adam and Eve that a lie was the truth.  By justifying in their minds a reason why not to eat of the tree warned by God.  satan planted in their minds, they would be like God.  Giving them a reason, that God was deceiving them, fear of them being like God.  They knew God was good, so to be like God would be a good thing.  So they obeyed satan and did what he said. Thinking it was a good choice.  And not an evil one.  This is when reasoning gave birth.  Before then, there was no reason, to reason, just enjoy the benefits of obeying God.  satan knew right then, God would not like it and throw them out, just as God threw out satan for wanting to be like God.  Well, when God came along, He questioned them.  So their response was an excuse for disobeying God and justifying their actions putting the blame to the other.  Because in their mind, they were now telling the truth the way they saw it.  But the truth is, this situation was all based on a lie.  No truth in it.  This is what deception is all about.  If you are  deceived, you can't possibly see you are deceived, therefore replacing a truth that will be acceptable, justly to fit the circumstance as you go along.  After this has taken place we will believe we are right no matter what anyone else will say.  Why because we now think we are right.  This spreads like a disease unstoppable.  When we hear something contrary to how we believe, we are compelled to reason to that person and correct them, by justifying their actions as wrong based on own self being right.  I see this world wide taking place, which only adds to more confusion and false truth taking root and especially in the church.  This has gone so far in the church, that we take our false truth and find scriptures to justify what we have said as to being the truth.  It seems as those who have the best argument out there, wins.  Lord help us and have mercy on us. I love you all, His good servant, pastor tom!!!


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"REPENT" What does this mean?

Truth is, we hear very little about this subject in the pulpit.  Doesn't anyone notice this? John the Baptist's whole message was consumed by this.  I am quite sure they didn't put up with it in the church, even in his day. Nothing has changed.  LISTEN TO ME:  It's the same message today. REPENT! 

First, let's look up the word in the dictionary to get a view on the meaning. Look at this!  Repent = to feel regret, to turn from sin and dedicate oneself to the amendment of one's life, to feel sorrow or regret or contrition.

We better look up contrition too.  Oh look. Contrition = feeling or showing sorrow and remorse for a sin.

Now look at "REPENT".  If someone has repented, they are walking around looking as if they had just lost someone the loved very much.  This is just a visual for you. They will be grieving inside with so much sorrow, that people all around them will feel it too. This person will go and undo, repair and hold themselves accountable for what ever damage they may have caused.  Because sin causes harm to all around them outwardly. The effects are staggering.  SOMEONE IN TRUE REPENTANCE, BECOME SO SORROWFUL, THAT THEY ARE CONCERNED WITH THE REPERCUSSION TO THOSE THEY ARE IN CONTACT WITH.

WOW!  NO WONDER it can't be found in the church.  Yes, we have become so selfish, that we have no concern at all where the consequences of our own actions fall or who it hurts.

LISTEN TO ME:  People, go and undo any harm you have done to someone, ask that person how can this damage be repaired to suit their need.  And do it, with out question, no matter the cost.  God is watching.  Then go to God and tell Him how sorry you are from your heart and ask God to forgive you, to have mercy on you and to help you turn your life around from sin. Tell God you want to feel His love all around you so you can feel His presence and feel safe.  REPENT, AND TURN FROM YOUR SIN, His good servant, pastor tom!!!

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We live in a Professional Amateur World!

Yes, look around.  LOWER STANDARDS OF LIVING. As we become more separated from God, yes further apart, our standards also become lowered. This is the broad road talked about in the scriptures. The one leading to death. Possible you won't see it. IF SO, then this describes your condition too.  WE NOW LIVE IN A PROFESSIONSL AMATEUR WORLD.  LISTEN TO ME:  (I needed a new website for this ministry).  This website is a good example. I was told how great this person is at building websites.  What a joke that turned out to be!  All I got was a poor copy of my last one, meaning I was better off with the last one, before now.  Most everything on here doesn't work as I need it and I got nothing I asked for. I was told also, he is a professional. Sorry, poor excuse is the truth.  In our days earlier, we called this person to be, one that talks out of the side of his mouth. That means, beware, he can't be trusted. But now days, this is the norm.  This is all part of the break down of society concerning value and worth of an individual.  satan the enemy has already put his foot hold on the family unit and marriage, a moral design of God for His people. satan knew once he deceived the church into the belief that divorce was ok, he then could focus on people in general as an individual. We are now talking about the area of accountability.  The truth is, that is gone also.  People lie about everything, everyday in all circumstances.  It has become a way of life, filled with a pattern of excuses, more than enough to justify any occasion.  People have become like little puppy dogs with rings in their nose.  You can lead anyone out there, with little effort, in any direction you choose, by the nose, while they wag their tails, following with out question. There are no professionals any more. One that use to do a job for you without collecting a dime until the job was completed, being sure of your satisfaction, before any payment was made.  During this time period, we were called craft men, or quality workers, or top notch, or using words such as expertise and a professional.  One you trusted.  Yes those days are gone.  Now we live in a day, no body can be trusted. Now you hire someone and they want paid first for most of it.  And look out, they may leave town, or lie about their ability or just do a bad job, doing more damage than repair.  Or take advantage of people.  This is the new wave of quality professionals out there.  They aren't worth the name they sign.  Even with a signed contract, they have no fear of cheating you or deceiving you.  They know it cost more for court to recover their loss that it cost for the work most of the time.  This is clear evidence of satan and his demons at work out there in the world.  But as I have said it many times, people are so blind, no one seems to care.  People have become so selfish and evil, that when it comes down to it, they will shove you under the bus to get what they want.  This is why divorce has run so high, especially in the church.  About every church out there now approves of divorce and do nothing to stop this problem.  All the way up to the pulpit.  No one wants to take a stand fear of recourse that the church will turn against them.  So most just go along, not making any waves as the saying goes.  Yes the professional amateur acceptance has made its' way into the church pulpit.  The funny thing is, the world system operates on higher standards than this. But who is looking in that direction. No one of course. Yes society now is so wrapped up into themselves, they rarely look past their own nose.  In their house, they are right and nobody is going to tell them any different. They know what they are doing and have it all under control. THESE TIMES WE LIVE IN, I LIKE TO CALL IT:  I TAKE WHAT I WANT WORLD, WITHOUT A THOUGHT OF ASKING!  Yes, this is another sign, the end is near.  Lord, help us, is all I have to say, have mercy on us, but let your will be done.  At all cost. THE ANSWER OF COURSE IS "REPENT" TURN FROM YOUR SINS. Your good servant, pastor tom!!!

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Did the devil make you do it? YES!

It is the truth, that every day, the enemy is planting in our minds corruptive thoughts to lead us down his direction away from God, to separation that will deceive us in knowing what the truth is.  This is how we all create that false truth in our lives.  It's our own truth, a new truth, one we have accepted in our daily living, making it easier to get through it, preventing as much trouble as we possible can.  We all hope to have a wonderful day each and every day.  Meaning, no one gets up and says, I hope my day is a bad one.  No, we want the best day we can possibly have.  So what happens, we do our best to make the day go our way.  What we fail to think about is, when we get up and start our day, the enemy is there waiting to throw you bones.  One we willfully will grab hold, just because it looks good.  Yes, satan does this in our minds.  This is where he operates from, all the time. (all the time)  So that you will not be ignorant, I want you to get that clear in your mind.  (He operates in your mind.)  Listen to me:  So does God.  Let me give you an example.  Adam and Eve.  It was first God said.  Do not eat of the certain tree.  You see here, God was planting this thought in their mind.  Because it is in our minds, we receive first satan or God.  Then we have the account of the devil.   He put in their mind another thought, more appealing the thought from God.  satan said;  You will be like God!  It you eat of the fruit.  So they received satan and rejected God here.  Then they put it into action.  We are talking about disobedience now, to God.  And the consequences that must follow.  They obeyed satan.  Therefore changing their way of life forever. And you know the rest of the story.  We are all faced with living out these consequences even up until the present day we now live in.  You see, satan has been implanting thought again and again in our lives ever since, creating a life style that became our way of life only changing with times.  Are you understanding what I am trying to show you?  Because of separation from God, we have been living a life built on lies that is not real.  It is an allusion from the mind.  But we have accepted it as real and normal to us.  Or reality we call it.  We use this reality as a barometer to judge others in society and creating standards that we ourselves have justified as ok in God's eyes.  Here is an example:  People in jail.  We see the things they do and say how horrible they are to us.  Based on our standards, it is much lower than we would do, therefore we reduce them in human value, call them guilty, condemn them and put them in prison.  Even their crime we judge from bad to worse.  In doing this, we create in them a lower form of society or way of life, one that will not be able to function by our standards, because they now have new standards they are forced to accept.  And they have no say in it at all.  This is why after doing their time, they have trouble adjusting in our society, because we refuse to allow them as one of us now.  Oh we say it with our mouths, but we lie and refuse them in our hearts. This happens in the church world wide even now, church people have different standards and will not mix in with another, fear of changing their way of life or not meeting their standards. The modern term for this deception in the church is called their, belief system.  He or she doesn't believe the same as I do.  THIS IS WHY THERE ARE SO MANY OUT OF THE CHURCH THAT DO NOT WANT TO GO TO CHURCH, BECAUSE NOT BEING ACCEPTED FOR THE WAY THEY BELIEVE, OR SEEING THOSE IN CHURCH DO NOT DO WHAT THEIR MOUTH IS SAYING.  The devil is in the church right now, planting and changing thoughts in their minds causing separation from God, and no one seems to be aware of it at all.  This is called DECEPTION.   This is how we have come to look a crime and say, that one is worse than this one.  satan the enemy tells you this in your mind.  You receive him.   People, it is all a lie.  OUR LIVES ARE BASED ON A LIE ALL THE WAY FROM THE BEGINNING.  We must repent now and change our ways.  The Word of God tells us to do this.  Matthew 5: 28-29  BUT I SAY UNTO YOU, THAT WHOSOEVER LOOKETH ON A WOMAN TO LUST AFTER HER HATH COMMITTED ADULTERY WITH HER ALREADY IN HIS HEART.  AND IF THY RIGHT EYE OFFEND THEE, PLUCK IT OUT, AND CAST IT FROM THEE; FOR IT IS PROFITABLE FOR THEE THAT ONE OF THY MEMBERS SHOULD PERISH, AND NOT THAT THY WHOLE BODY SHOULD BE CAST INTO HELL.  God here is trying to place on us, how strongly the consequences of sin taking place in our minds is.  And the importance of stopping it there, once it is placed in there.  But we don't.  We allow the sin to take root, thinking it's no big deal, no one can see our thought, (another lie) and somewhere maybe not at first, the devil will use it to steal, kill and destroy as he knows how to do so well.  satan will change the course in your life away from God and you won't know it happened.  You don't see it and follow like sheep to slaughter like told in Scriptures.  We will talk more on this at another time. I pray you all come to this knowledge and turn from your sin.  WE MUST REPENT!  It's the only way to turn around.  I love you all, His good servant, pastor tom!!! 

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