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Membership Sign Up, Please read now!

Hello to everyone, please be patient with me.  You can click on Membership Sign Up, but it isn't working as I need it for the moment.  So we need to do this the old fashioned way until we are ready.  Go to Contact Us, there you will find my mailing address here in Jacksonville, Florida.  Sign up by mail please, if you are a Paying Member, send in a card with your information and payment money order $25.00 so I can make note.  If you are a Non-Paying Member, same, please send in a card with all your information on it for file and last if you are a Church Member, send in the information on a card for my file. PLEASE REMEMBER EVERYONE:  THIS WILL BE THE ONLY MAILING ADDRESS UNLESS I CHANGE IT PERSONALLY. MEANING, DO NOT SEND TO ANY OTHER ADDRESS IN THE WORLD BUT HERE, TO PREVENT satan the enemy form stealing funds.  Bless you are for being patient with me, I love you all, His good servant, pastor tom!!!  Again, please use only:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the email address should you need me.  SORRY ABOUT THE INCONVIENANCE TO EVERYONE.

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I need your help, website building and maintaining.

I NEED SOMEONE THAT (is in the world BUT NOT OF THE WORLD).  Please, I need someone that wants to join this ministry, assembling the body of Christ worldwide. A FOLLOWER OF JESUS. These are people that will put the needs of people above their own needs. Please forgive me, but I won't settle for second best!  I need someone that will give me results not excuses. That is being of the world. People, we will either yield to God and His way, or we will yield to satan the enemy and his way.  God is explaining this to us, but most aren't listening. God tells us, My ways are not your way.  What is He telling us here?  WE AREN'T DOING WHAT HE WANTS US TO DO. He is telling us, our ways are the ways of the world, or more particular known as the god of this world.  Are you getting the picture, most people's ways are generally satan's ways. But we don't like to hear that do we.  Ignoring it won't make it go away. PEOPLE, WE NEED TO RAISE OUR STANDARDS.  And seek God's way.  People, WE ARE HERE TO PLEASE GOD!  SO PLEASE COME, IF YOU KNOW HOW TO BUILD WEBSITE AND WILLING TO BE PART OF THIS MINISTRY FOR GOD AND NOT MAN, WE NEED YOU.  I AM SURE GOD WILL BLESS US AND YOU WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF IN GOD'S TIME FOR YOUR SURRENDERING YOUR WILL. This is how we put it the right perspective, He knows your needs and the desires of your heart.  Come, just as you are and follow Jesus.   Please email me at my address, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Bless you and I love you, His good servant, pastor tom!!!

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Be in the world, BUT NOT OF THE WORLD.

People, it cost to be a follower of Jesus. You may ask yourself, just what are the cost.  EVERYTHING. Everything you want, everything you desire, everything you possess, your mate, your children, just everything you would worldly seek. This just describes the character of Jesus. He gave up any and all of these acts of the will for Himself. Basically, He said NO, to all and everything in the world and what it had to offer. I want what the Father wants for me, not my will, but thy will be done.  God has a plan and these are the people that are leading the way, for so many to follow. Otherwise, everyone would simply just accept the world's way and all follow like sheep, ready to be slaughtered. In this world, satan the enemy fabricates so much of the world, making it inviting to everyone, that people have now come to a place where they can't see the nose on their face. What I am saying is, there is so much deception going on, it has become the norm to take part in it without seeing where it will end up. God talks about this is scripture saying, there is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death. If God is saying this, then it is taking place and going on all the time. Like a lamb to slaughter. Please take some time, sit down, stop what you are doing and ask God for His help, turn to Him, while He still may be found, His good servant, pastor tom!!!  I love you all.

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We are now looking at a building down town Jacksonville, Florida to purchase and move into.

This property has 3 buildings on it.

Building in front is 3 stories:

(first floor) Down stairs will be used for…The All Nations Praise And Worship Center and house of prayer. This will be a 24 hour, open for praise and worship and counseling. (second floor) Will be used for DART, English speaking classes, classes teaching computers, office rental for Christians, the office of The All Nations Station for building the assembly of all nations on earth to come take their part in The All Nations Praise And Worship Center and house of prayer and an office for The All Nations Praise And Worship Center and house of prayer, and a fundraising office. (third floor) Will be the office of: On Probation With The World Ministries and Church. We will be the spiritual force behind everything. We will be in contact constantly at all times to insure things are going according to the plan of God and this vision. Also there will be office space for others should it be needed. The rest space will be for living quarters, for myself so I can come and go as needed.

Building to the right:

Will be used to teach shoe repair and craft trade to people meeting the requirements to take this program. Also this building will be used to earn income meaning we will start investing in real estate for profit renovating and selling for profit for this ministry.

Building to rear:

Will be removed to add extra parking and rear exit to property.

From this office we will work on this vision of building the praise and worship center in MacClenny, Florida

The vision God gave me has led me to MacClenny and to a plot of land of 2400 acres. At the present I have a verbal contract on it, holding it for two years option. God told me to go to Brazil for these funds to purchase the property and build The All Nations Praise And Worship Center and house of prayer. I AM JUST OBEYING GOD AND SO FAR EVERYTHING GOD HAS TOLD ME TO DO, HAS TAKEN PLACE. I had spent 4 years going around to the Brazilian community here in Jacksonville with this vision and in that time period I have met many pastors here and in Brazil. I had just been waiting for the pastor that God has in this plan. God is calling all of Brazil to assemble and come here to support this ministry and the raising up of this Praise Center and vision in the eyes of the world. This will wake up the Christians, those who are blinded, deceived by the devil in and out of church and they will rise up and come to the largest center in the world, keeping it going 24 hours a day, each day raising up the name of Jesus world wide!!!

PASTORS ARE NOW COMING HERE, SHOULD BE HERE this year sometime to discuss the supporting of On Probation With The World Church and ministry here and in their country of Brazil.


AS WE ASSEMBLE EVERY NATION, WE WILL PUT IN PLACE…On Probation With The World Church in every nation. We will need you!!! YOUR NATION assembled to help in supporting this cause with in your nation and the (5 church assembly) talked about will take responsibility over this church in their country along with myself. We will discuss this in further details later.


It will be our purpose to be the bible warehouse of the world.

It will also be our purpose to help the poor and needy of the world.


Sign up now at the: MEMBERS SIGN UP!

His good servant, pastor tom!!!

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Vision and direction, On Probation With The World will be going!

This is a vision from God over 40 years ago given to me when I had turned 17 and ever since, my life has been a series of events taking place, one after another. I hadn’t known it at the time, but, satan became a big part in my life, just the same as it happened, in Job’s life. God was always there with me not getting involved, allowing satan to have his way with me in order to take me deep into the world, in hope of proving his power in the eyes of God. However, what satan was unaware of, is, my life has been chosen since the beginning of time to fulfill a purpose for God and His plan. Of course at that time I had no idea either, only a seed planted in me, the knowledge of Jesus, long before my coming to a certain time in my life where this would be revealed to me, by Jesus, in person, Himself. My life became a battle of choosing between right and wrong in just about any situation possible known to man. This journey I had been on, has taken me through an understanding of self. How it operates, the motives, consequences, multiple temptations that manipulate, the deceptions, to how self molds and shapes the will, understanding there are evil forces behind it, to the conclusion of self’s reality of being only a lie and allusion and all the way to the answer of who is responsible for this loveless lost soul separated from God, (none other than satan and his demons) In the past 17 years this vision has taken on life, moving from a vision of the mind at age 17 to now taking on form for a purpose and plan from God. It was in the late 1990s that I was given the desire to assemble God’s people, of bringing them to one place where I would be instructed to speak to them. I had no idea of what to say, just I knew at the right time, God would reveal this to me. So I wasn’t concerned about that, only what I was given to do. I was learning, that when God told me to do something, it was my place to just do as He said, without any help from myself, meaning allow my self to make decisions about what God has said to do. I was having so much trouble with this. This was like building a house and a set of plans are needed to build it. God only gave me a little piece of it and I would take it and add to it thinking it is my job now to finish it. (It wasn’t ) This is how our flesh is, it wants to take over all the time. I was out of control, couldn’t keep my hands off of what God gave me. I knew also if I were going to talk to many people I would need a place big enough to put them in. I thought it was in Sarasota where I would build this place. I didn’t have a name for it yet, but I was willing and ready. I became busy and as time was passing, the desire to help people surfaced in me and the name came up, On Probation With The World, I had cards made with name and I bought a building and collected furnishing filled the place up and gave away free to any one in need. I knew I must obey God no matter what the cost or choices I had to make and my life became a living testimony of choosing God over everything, even my family. No one around me has any idea what was going on, God told me no to tell anyone what I was doing. So I didn’t, I kept silence. The

enemy knew this and used it against ever area in my life, my family, wife and children, my friends. No one could know.

(The truth of our time and God’s time taking place at the same time, as we speak!

God has a way of all things coming together without any one seeing His hand at work. Our time is different from His. What seems to be like maybe 15 minutes to us, with Him, it is about 10 seconds time passing. This is why we aren’t aware of what is going on around us. If you think about what I just said, that doesn’t even make any sense at all. It sounds as if we are moving so much faster, but we aren’t at all. It is actually the opposite. We aren’t moving faster at all, it is God, moving at an orderly pace not missing a beat and it is so perfect in timing, that is makes our time seem as a lot of time went by, while along, the truth is, God is making so much more happen and taking place in so less time while all along it take us a great deal and more time to do so very little.

I wasn’t sure how, but God made it possible for our moving to Jacksonville Florida. My reason was to be near family, my brother was moving here from his job from up North. So from Sarasota we came. I had experienced many miracles that God had revealed to me, all for the purpose of adding to my faith. And it did, I needed it too. The enemy was battling me in every direction and it took all my energy to keep a float in the world’s viewpoint. You know things of the world, house, car, money etc. The meant nothing to me but still we needed them, or so I still believed we did. It wasn’t long after, it was too much for my wife, she was sure, I was crazy. I couldn’t tell her anything. I was still forbidden. So divorce took place and just when I thought things were going good. Things changed this time. God was talking to me telling me to do different things, not like before. I began seeing the spirit world. As I visited churches, I began looking around, I saw demons in people, demons using people, the people in church had no idea what was going on. Everywhere, people were fighting each other, not understanding why, I saw satan forces creating situations right before my eyes, wow, I couldn’t believe it. An example take a situation, one person would see it one way, and another person would see the same thing a totally all different picture of it. And they would argue about it and both people were telling the truth of what they saw. Oh My God, I said, what is going on. God told me look, see how the enemy is working on my people. I said thank you God for showing me this. So now I have an all together picture of what is going on in church. I now know the enemy when I see him, in church and out of church. satan is the same, he is a liar.

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