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God’s Conformation for Brazil!

PLEASE LISTEN TO ME BRAZIL…Just this past few weeks it has been my prayer as I have been attending a Brazilian church here in Jacksonville, Florida, that God open your eyes. (Brazil) to come and hear my cry out to all of you, to assemble and help to build the praise and worship center here in the US. I have asked God to show you, that He sends me to you, just as I have been telling you, that come and join in with me and take part in what is God’s Plan for us all.

I am on Face Book talking to as many Brazilians as I possible can and testifying to you, the sending of myself to you, Brazil and her people.  The statue of Jesus on the mountain top, is all part of this ministry, www.onprobationwiththeworld.com  and I have been posting the picture of Jesus with His message, On Probation With The World.

And look!  God has answered my plea, to open up your eyes, The lightning striking Jesus and His hand.  The Hand of God, Coming down from heaven, giving witness to you, that The Hand Of God is with us and This Vision I bring to you is from Him and His plan and from not any man.

Now, please come and assemble with me and let us obey Him as one people, one mind, the body of Christ.

Please email me:  opwtwministries@yahoo.com  His good servant, pastor tom!!!

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Be in the world: BUT NOT OF THE WORLD!

LISTEN TO ME:  This means something, because it is a command from God.  Most likely, this would be a motivating factor of why God looks at man kind and sees the need to start all over, wiping out the existence of man.  People, we need to start all over again, with our actions, with our motives, with our speaking, with our thinking and most importantly with our obedience to God.  Another words, we must raise our standards of living. And the only way to raise our standards, is to, as the Word of God tells us, “To be in the world, but not of the world.”  God has a PLAN and He certainly has ORDER.  We all fail to take part in this because we and especially as Christians, think more highly of ourselves than we ought to.  God makes an attempt to speak to us in various way and as soon after many times reject Him, finally answer to Him, pick it up soon after and run with it like a football receiver catching the pass with an eighty yard dash (80) to the touch down goal in front of him or her.  (99.9%) of most people, (Christians too) wouldn’t and have no idea of what God’s plan is for the life of them.  WE ARE ALL JUST TOO BUSY RUNNING OUT OUR OWN PLAN OR (that 80 yard dash) IN FRONT OF US.  If you have a desire to change all of this, soon I will be sharing how we can get into God’s plan and out of our own.  Come back expecting a change in your life, His good servant, pastor tom!!!

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Message to Brazil-And The World…Listen to me!

God has a calling for you, Brazil.  But it will be up to you to do your part.  We live in a world of deception and you know this.  All around me, nothing is changing.  Everyone wants to have their own church.  There is only one church, but the selfishness of man prevents this even since the beginning of sin.  The problem is, no one sees the prophet sent by God, when he is among you.  In the Word, God tells us, that the enemy (satan) comes as an angel of light.  If the Word tells us this, then, this means satan comes posing as God. This means:  (THE DEVIL COMES)…BY WAY OF SPIRIT, We often think we are hearing from God, in the spirit, when it is SATAN POSING as god and telling us things in the spirit.  (THE DEVIL COMES)…Leading someone to being led to open a church and step in the pulpit and minister in that church and it grows large and we all say, look it is from God.  But it is not, it comes from  SATAT POSING as god.  (THE DEVIL COMES)…BY WAY OF APPEARANCE, Raising up churches everywhere in every nationality and we all look around and say; look that it God at work, while all along, it is from SATAN POSING as god. NOW PLEASE LISTEN TO ME:  Everywhere you are looking all over the world is from the DEVIL POSING as god.  Each have their own variations of the Word of God.  No one promotes this, but thousands of churches out there are failing weekly.  This cause is division and it all comes from SATAN POSING as god.  Because we all want to believe  we accept it all  coming from the one and only TRUE GOD, because we want to believe.  How does this happen?  Let us see and the Word says;  All things work together for the good to those who love God.  The most miss-used scripture to justify the consequences of our wrong choices in the body of Christ.  This scripture tells us, don’t worry, it will all work out, for your good.  If this is the case, then why are there more divorce in the church than out of the church.  It’s all because we do not really believe, we only want to.  Because believing means we must obey God in everything.  Believing means sacrifice of our own selfish desires and emotions.  God’s  Word is very clear on this also.  He tells us all, only if you believe.  That is altogether different from (wanting to believe).  You see, wanting to believe is:  REALLY DOUBT AND NOT BEILEVING.  And why it is called, wanting to believe.  BELIEVE = A position in Christ that each one of us reached personally, by standing on the Word of God, no matter the cost.  This means, the loss of your job, the loss of your marriage, the loss of your church, the loss of your family, the loss of the lives of your family or spouse, the loss of the lives of those around you, the very loss of your own life if it need be.  And so very few are willing to give up all of that for God. You stand firm, in your position in Christ and don’t move.  God will do the rest.  Therefore, we need only to: OBEY=DO AS WE ARE TOLD, NO QUESTIONS ASKED + BELIEVE = FAITH… You see what we are seeing out there is an allusion all coming from SATAN POSING as god.  BEFORE I GO ON…GROUND RULES FOR YOU TO FOLLOW.  ONLY (2)!

(GOD HAS A PLAN!)          and          (satan HAS A PLAN!)          YOU…MUST CHOOSE ONE OR THE OTHER.

Listen, God sent Moses and so on and so on, God is still sending people and you need to learn to see them and follow them in the obedience of God’s Word.  God sent Jesus, and in the desert, Jesus followed God and the guideline were God’s Word to govern Him.  So we follow Jesus, using God’s Word to govern us as we follow.  And if He sends me in these days we live in, you must follow me, using God’s Word to govern us.  You see if you just do it, follow it will be revealed to you, it is from God, God’s Word, govern you will prove to be from God Himself, by the fruit that He will produce.  This is how we test the spirit. The Word tells us to test the spirit, so we must do it, it’s the only way to see if it is the enemy speaking to you in the spirit or if it is God speaking to you in the Spirit. There is a difference, you must learn to know them both. It is choosing between LIFE OR DEATH.   GOD TELLS US TO CHOOSE LIFE….


You can now either choose to believe it or not. It’s now all up to you.  God called me to assemble His people all over the world by means of building The All Nations Praise And Worship Center and house of prayer.  One that calls the country of Brazil to be the people that will be the leading instrument in the completion of this center. It will be open to the world, open 24 hours a day, the largest Center in the world, one that will become the place where He can now lay His Head.  His first coming, there wasn’t a place for Him.  But this must change, this will be a place where His presence will live.  He will draw people from all over the world.  And if you have read the whole Word of God, then you can see that there is prophecy yet fulfilled. And the only way for you to come to know this as true what I am now making known to you in this present day we live in, is for you to follow my instructions.  This will only be an act of obedience on your part.  Expect nothing worldly to gain, rather expect everything that comes from God and all of the  promises that He has awaiting you. NOW LISTEN TO ME:  I CAN PROVE TO YOU, WHAT I AM SAYING TO BE TRUE, THAT IT IS HE THAT SENDS ME TO YOU, WHO MY POSITION IN CHRIST AND THAT IT IS THE PURPOSE OF GOD AND HIS PLAN.  I have for several years now coming to you with no advancement at all.  I know will wait for your calling for me to come and speak.  It is the modern day computer systems that make our meeting now possible and I will wait your reply.  God wants me to come to Brazil and speak of these things and I know that He will move in the Pastor there in Brazil to send for me assemble the Body of Christ in Brazil and return to doing His Will and plan. I CAN SAY THIS TO YOU NOW…WE WILL BE USHERING IN HIS NEXT RETURN.  AND MAKE NO MISTAKE, HE IS COMING! May God have mercy on all of us, His good servant, pastor tom!!!

Come and assemble all churches under this ministry as one body.  We will open a STORE HOUSE FOR GOD!

I found a property where we can open The All Nations Praise And Worship Center and house of prayer. A small scale  This property has 2 buildings of use, a third to be removed for parking.  About a acre and half land, three story in front, down stairs for praise and worship second floor for rental where we need 25 churches to rent space and all place someone in the offices to assist the building of the main praise and worship center in MacClenny, Florida outside of Jacksonville.  On 2400 acres + where we now have on contract, a two year time period to raise the 5 million price for the land. The down town building will be the main office, also ministering to the homeless, starting up projects for the homeless to be taken off the streets to productive living. And serving God.  The 25 churches will sign a lease for 5 years at 1000.00 monthly to finance the down town project. With that, we can buy the property for (x), offer them (y) and keep 200,000 in reserves to remodel and costs of operating.  This property is worth (z) so we will have equity value in the property.  So we start out with 900,000.00 profit, just by purchasing the property. A-men to that.  This is what I am calling you to all come and assemble yourselves, churches everywhere as one and let’s together raise up this Center for Christ. His good servant, pastor tom!!!


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First read Malachi 3:6-18  Listen to me, we are commanded to tithe to God, it is not a suggestion or to be taken not important.  It is one of the most important acts of obedience to God ever set up by God.  Yet, everyone is afraid to teach this principal correctly in the manor that pleases God.  Here is an example of how we are to tithe.  It is said, a tenth of our first fruit.  This means in todays’ way of standards,  if you make, gross 50,000.00 a year, you must give 5,000.00 a year to the church.  That is 5,000.00 divided by 12 months which equals about (420.00) a month should be going to the church.  And God loves when you give more.  That is 10% of your gross income, before you pay anything at all.  BUT SO VERY FEW PEOPLE ARE DOING THIS AND:  I TELL YOU THE TRUTH, YOU ARE ROBBING GOD.  We all need to understand how devastating this is to our place or position in Christ.  The truth is, we aren’t in Christ at all.  We in fact are separated from God because of this.  We in fact, become and are a liar to God and those we come in contact with in our daily lives.

Here are the consequences:  We robe God first, which means, we reject what God has for us. (that’s bad) Only giving God what we want and not what He requires of us causes us in our minds to take that stolen money and spend it on things we want and need.  (that’s bad)  Because of the mis use of stolen funds being channeled into areas that we ourselves decide is necessary, we now start to care for our own needs by what we come to learn is now our own means at work, we can see no need in those areas for God’s help any longer.  (that’s very bad)  Now, as we develop by our own means a sense of security, we become or self driven on our own strength.  (that’s very bad to)  Because this sense of security is (false) but we don’t see it that way.  Because we repeat this over and over again, until we start to live as we need no one’s help at all.  Now we have arrived to a place where we, ourselves now believe in ourselves, because of our accomplishments we produce before our eyes on our own strength.  And now this is the most devastating place to ever reach and most are living there right now, even in the church.  And satan walked you there slowly, one step at a time and you have no idea that you are even there.  It’s called:  LIVING IN DECEPTION.  And why, this is (so, so, very bad)  because, YOUR FAITH is now un-reachable, because you now believe more in you and what you can do than believing in God and what He can do. Therefore, when it comes to believing in God and His Word, you do not, your faith (that false sense of security) has been built upon your own works and not His.  His good servant, p tom!!!

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1.     They say, the Cardinal Sin, is to take ones’ own life.     (True or False)

(False)     I happen to know someone in person, very close to me, that in fact did take his own life and did not loose his position to be with our Lord, Jesus.  It was back in the early 90s I came home to be greeted by my wife, then at the door.  She stopped me there and said, Tommy, I have something to tell you.  I knew by her voice, it was serious.  She said, it’s your brother Ernie, he killed himself, just awhile ago.  And the very next moment, still standing there, I was taken into this vision.  I saw my brother standing, next to Jesus and smiling, like I haven’t ever seen before.  It was so beautiful.  They didn’t seem to see me, but I saw them clearly and the next thing I knew, I was back, standing there at the door, where Maggie (wife) had just told me the news.  Maggie said, I looked strange to her, I was smiling, but it looked as if I weren’t there at all, like I left the body.  Then I told her just what had happened, but I don’t think she really believed my story.  But it doesn’t matter, it wasn’t about her or myself, it was all about the awesome power of God. A moment in time, I am sure never to forget.  Thank you Lord. His good servant, p tom!!!

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Separation from God…

What is separation from God?  In the beginning, with Adam and Eve, most of us know the story.  They disobeyed God and this is what happened.  Let’s pick up with Adam and Eve, about their eyes being opened.  Ok, opened to what?  That’s right, sin.  The Word tells us, they knew they were naked.  And what does that mean?  Then began to lust, (more sin).  The story goes to say, they hid.  NOW LISTEN TO ME!  Something very terrible happened here.  SEPARATION.  Separation between God and man.  Before this happened, they talked to one another.  Before this happened, they saw each other.  Knowing this now, here we have Adam and Eve.  Their eyes now open.  And now they hid.  What does this mean, they were hiding?  Watch this…God was walking in the garden and the Word is very clear here.  THEY HEARD GOD WALKING IN THE GARDEN.  They only heard Him now, they could no longer see Him.  Like wise, God could no longer see them.  A veil goes up before our eyes, when we sin, thus representing the separation between God and ourselves, instantly.  God, even though, He knows everything, speaks out.  Adam where are you.  I want you to understand this.  Any time, we wait to correct our time in sin, we enter into a place of separation, which is out of His presence and into the presence of sin.  Therefore our first act should always be, crying out to God and repenting, to bring that veil down.  Once it is down, we can enter into His presence once again or what you may have heard to be called walking in the Spirit.  (God’s Spirit).  We all want to be careful here.  If we lie to ourselves and continue to walk in sin, thinking ourselves to be more than we are, the enemy comes in quickly, like a roaring lion, but as an angel of light and will set us up to walk in his spirit, (the devil) deceiving us into believing it is God talking to us.  When it in fact, is not… Since God isn’t looking on sin, He will be speaking, WHERE ARE YOU?  But you will not hear Him.  And this would be the only purpose for the accounts of believers being put into your life, in hope that you come to the understanding for your need to cry out to God and repent and rejoin fellowship with Him…His good servant, p tom!!!

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LOVE…Do we really love? Using marriage as an example.



6/14/13     When we say, I love you, what are we really saying to the other person?  To know what LOVE is, we need to have a personal relationship with God.  And just saying, I know Him, (God) doesn’t quite cut it either.  Just as we have a tainted picture of what love is, from living in the world and by the world standards, we also can have a tainted picture of love, with those professing to be Christian.  This means most of everyone, has no idea of what (love) is suppose to be like.  And just how does this happen, one should ask.  This is because, everyone, even the Christian, will use the world’s standards to follow as guideline, to achieving that blissful picture of life, based on how we see, think, feel and hope the results of love will be on that never ending journey of happiness for our lives.

Let us use  “Marriage”  as an example and see if  we love our mate, how much or if we even love them at all!

I will be using 1 Corinthians chapter 13 to explain to you what LOVE in not.  I am quite sure, you will all find yourselves to be failing miserably in the arena of LOVE.  Then you should see a clear picture while seeing yourself to be deep within the boundaries of love, by way of the world standards and not God’s.  Let’s start with, verse 4.  Love is patient, love is kind.  (Psalms 23:6)  Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.  Here is a clear picture of how long love goes on.  Forever!   Using marriage as an example, if two people were married, truly loved each other, then divorce, according to the time span of love, should never take place.  Love endures forever.  Again, this means, when you are married, divorce can never be an option or answer to any given circumstance you both may be going through.  So, by (God’s standards, no divorce)  and by (Man-the world standards, divorce is accepted).   I understand, divorce takes place continually, but a way to see where you stand, is in our application.  Did you divorce or were you divorced?  Did you agree or did you disagree?  The answers to these questions are your application of which standards you have chosen.  And the consequences can not be removed.  You will just have to go through them.  Both parties.  So, when the divorce took place, did  you file for divorce?  If so, you are living by (the world’s standards) and (loving, by the world’s standards).  Therefore, you are lying and disobeying God and breaking that promise you made to Him.  When your desire was to keep your marriage, opposing the divorce, this is evidence that you refuse to live by the world’s standards which pleases God.  And the consequence still follow, but in your case, you will have favor with God.  When Abraham took his son to the altar, willing to give up his son’s life, just because, God expected him to do as he was told, the true results of obedience did not activate faith and favor with Abraham, until the very last second of taking his son’s life for God.  You see, with God, the rubber must hit the road.  Paul talks about this, he called it hitting the mark. 


6/21/13     DIVORCE-THE WORLD STANDARDS:  Divorce, we see this happen every day.  It has become the norm.  Let’s say you are the one that applied for a divorce.  This means you are angry, bitter, resentful, unhappy, confused, lonely, unforgiving, selfish, controlling, deceitful, unfaithful and disobedient to God.  With this in mind, you now file for a divorce.  What do you do?  You now lash out for revenge seeking to punish, him or her for all the damage you (feel-?) they have done to you.  So in your anger, you become mean.  You attack and damage ever area of their life, in hopes to hurt them.  In your bitterness, resentful and unhappy state, your justify all of your action telling yourself, they deserve it.  You want them to feel your pain.  Confused and lonely you seek other means to make your self feel better, by other partners, things you want or any other means to bring joy back.  And don’t forget, we have all heard it or said it.  You deserve better.  You regain back your selfish nature repairing it’s state it was in before you entered a relationship with the other person.  From there you seek to get that (false) peace you once had, before getting married.

Continued on the page:  Love…Do we really love?

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We must choose our friends!

In the days when Jesus walked around, one thing was clear.  He didn’t have many personal friends.  We need to use Him always as an example, even in choosing of our friends.  These days, everyone likes to call each other, friend.  We need to stop this.  People all have different motives for calling you friend.  Most of the time they plan on using you.  Here is an example.  I always make it a true one, not made up, like a lie.  A pastor John, that I had seemingly been called (friend) and also ordained as a chaplain through an organization that he in overseeing, just recently threatened me to pull my license as a chaplain if I didn’t sway the way he was pulling me.  He made an attempt to get me to side with him and other pastors and brothers of the Brazilian people to go against other people of that nationality, that I am also associated with, to help in raising up a church, a body to glorify God.  I told him, I didn’t want any part in name calling or the accusing of each other, that I pray and hope that we all can stop this fighting and serve together as one.  He has no desire to do so.  Listen to me, anyone that is opposing, worshipping God as one, is against God therefore serving satan.  People, we must all choose, in these days, that there are only two sides here.  God’s side or satan, the enemy.  Even not choosing God, indirectly or choosing neither one, is a choice of the side of satan.  I want no part of someone as of this character.  God is the only side to be on, that’s my side and the rest are either the enemy or on his side through deception.  This is why we are to pray for our enemies.  His good servant, p tom!!!

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Romans 10:9-10  That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,”  and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.  For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. 

LISTEN TO ME:  This is the very spot we are all being led astray by the enemy.  The scriptures even tell us this.(Mark 9:23-24).  Read this and others about unbelief.  This is where the enemy rushes in.  Do not be deceived, that you are more willing to believe than the enemy’s desire and plan to destroy you.  We must all learn to be quick to act out with the Word of God as our shield.  We are on the battle field at all times.  Look at the account of Jesus going into the desert to be tempted by the enemy.  Read it! The enemy comes at the exact place when your guard is down.  But what did Jesus do?  Did He wait or ponder or say, I’ll get back to you later. NO! Jesus used the Word of God as His shield, each and every time, not wasting a moment of time. 

NOW, LISTEN TO ME:  In every situation, when we delay or put aside our standing ground with the enemy, we loose every time.  He does his job well and knows the scriptures better than we do.  This shouldn’t be the case and we have no one to blame but ourselves.  We are all too self motivated still with our own lives, that we have created a false belief of our salvation being secure.  How does this happen?  We all continue to read the Word, go to church, profess to be Christians to others of the believing and non believing, but lack one thing, one very important thing.  THE TRUTH!  We lie and deceive ourselves into believing just enough to blend in with everyone else around us. Just enough to please people, the church and any on-looker that may be watching us.  And the enemy is all for this and fuels it everywhere he can to keep this going. I am testifying this to you now by His Spirit, to show you another way.  These things I have written to you, are consequences that take place from unbelief.  We must stop living this way of deception and live according to the Word of God.  We must raise our standards and please God and not man.  With this take great sacrifice.  The question is, how much are you willing to give up.., for Him, Jesus, our Lord.  (I want to hear from you or are you too deceived to respond…)

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